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September 02, 2005

The Secret Art Of Ultimate

This is all the stuff the experts don't want you to know, I found it all out by seducing their ladyfriends. The things I do for you people…

1. Stop Thinking and Chill
The less you think about something before doing it, the more chance it has of working. It's all pyschobabble really, but you can probably catch anything if it's just down to reflex rather than a plan. This also happens to be where I believe a lot of lady players go wrong, they seem to think more when playing and hence generally look quite awkward when going for a catch. Movement has to be graceful and look good, yet for some reason in ultimate the men are usually better at this. It must be a confidence thing, I think the woman can probably outplay the men if they play a more improvised game

2. Trust Your Team (So you can blame your team when it all goes wrong)
If you're forcing line, you have to trust that your team is blocking the line cuts, otherwise you'll subconsciously make the break force easier as you try to cover the open side too. Same thing applies if you're marking someone, you have to trust that the forcer won't get broken otherwise you're trying to defend against everything.

3. Don't shout out what a player should be doing at the very moment they should be doing it
It's better that a player does the wrong thing well than get distracted by someone telling them to do something else, wait until a suitable moment to give instructions. Never under any circumstances shout "No Break", it will guarantee a break force throw.

4. Take the risky throws and throw early.
A good defense team is trying to give you the easy throws, try a sneaky throw outside the pitch to the long player (me) instead, the long player (me) will always get there in time. Don't wait for the person to reach the destination before throwing, if they're standing waiting for a catch they're likely to drop it.






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