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September 27, 2006

What is all the fuss about?!?

You may have wondered if, after several days of no entries, whether this born-again blogger had already decided to call it a day and retire those key-tapping fingers of his.

Well, fear not! For I am here.

I have spent the weekend down in sunny ol’ Wales with my girlfriend, where she has been performing Measure for Measure, the not-so-famous Shakespeare play about a corrupt man who is running Vienna for a well-liked Duke who decides to act as a monk for a bit while the corrupt man tries to execute a man for getting another woman pregnant, while telling the condemned man’s sister, who is also a nun, that he will set him free if she sleeps with him. You can tell its Shakespeare, can’t you?

Well, she was playing the nun, and a good nun she was too!

So, on a train I hopped and headed down to a not-so-sunny Wales and saw the dress rehersal and opening night of this wonderfully inexplicable play.

This morning, having done what I had come to do (watch the play), I hopped back onto a train heading in the opposite direction which brought me back to London. Both ways, I had a really good journey – all trains were running on time and no delays whatsoever.

But these were not the only trains I had ventured on this month. I had already previously been up to Wales once more, for the above mentioned girl’s birthday, and indeed had travelled from home to Leamington and back, twice, where I have been sorting out all things Student-House-ish. And once again, no problems with any journey.

This can only lead me to two possible conclusions: either I am an incredibly lucky man or everyone who whinges that British trains are no good are all lying. If it is the former, then I plan to get a lottery ticket on Saturday and Sunday spend the day counting my millions. However, if it is the latter, and you indeed are one of these ‘whingers’, then shame on you! You are lying!

Now you may say that a few journeys are not enough to be able to judge the entire British rail industry. Then let me point out to you that from the end of term last year, around the end of June, right up to my holiday in the States in mid-August, I was working for an insurance firm in London, as I had done for my gap year. Obviously this would require me to commute into and out of London each and every working day. I had the usual nine-five day so I mostly travelled during rush hour. During those seven weeks that I was working, I only recall having one problem with the trains – my usual train home was cancelled due to a power cable coming down. But instead of gasping with fright and then whinging about the matter, I simply jumped onto the next train, ten minutes later.

In fact the worst problem I encountered with these trains was a lack of somewhere to sit.

So ask me what I think of rail travel and I will tell you – I have far too many problems trying to catch buses, planes and even trying to drive. But trains – no problems at all!

I must confess I have lied slightly though – I did have one problem coming home from Leamington once. Our train was at a standstill on the tracks for 10 minutes because the train in front was not moving. The reason (according to our driver) – someone had just been taken ill. Not something to whinge about to the train companies really.

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