November 17, 2005

Round Up of Recent Events

Hey, I havent had time to updat my blog so here's a very quick round up of things I've seen.

On the 31st of October 2005 me and one of my housemates (Kat) decided to watch the television version of Stephen King's The Shining. The verdict?

*Not as good as Kubrick's film version.

*Wendy is hotter in the TV version (played by Rebecca De Mornay)

  • Danny (Courtland Mead) is weirder in the TV version.

*Jack's (Stephen Weber) transition from normal person to psycho is not as smooth and believable.

*There are no twins in the TV version – the twins are the scariest part in the film.

*It's unbelievably long – four and a half hours (obviously, because it is a T version and so is split up into parts).

General opinion, if you haven't seen either of the version then I would definitely recommend Kubrick's version – it's more scary, more arty, more entertaining, the acting is better and it's shorter!

Tonight (16th November 2005) I went to the student cinema with Pete & co. to see Crash. Not the Cronenberg_ Crash_ but the Paul Haggis Crash and I have to say it's an awesome film. Definitely recommend it. It hasn't got a main story, it just follows about five different little stories but the characters are all connected somehow. It is at times quite shocking and emotional and the ending is particularly moving as you can see how each character has changed. It is basically a film about racism and the ironies in life. Bloody good 'en – a must see!!

Finally, The O.C. I seem to have upset a few people by telling them I like this show. I apologise and understand that my reputation has dimisnished some what. The bad news is I am still watching it – i'm on episode 5 of the second season – the good news is that I don't think the second series is as good so far.

October 31, 2005

The O.C.

Writing about web page

I hate to admit it but I like The O.C.

It all happened about two weeks ago. When I found out we would be studying The O.C. in my Basic TV Module next term it made me wonder why so many people rave about the show. So I thought I'd find out what all the fuss was about.

Unfortunately I've found myself being sucked into the highly addictive plot and narrative lines. Sometimes the storylines are unbelieveable and, like Dawson's Creek, and all the other teen dramas, you find it very hard to believe that the main characters in The O.C. are supposed to be in their mid-teens. However, with the cliffhanger endings and Mischa Barton ('Marissa') and Rachel Bilson ('Summer') it is very hard to let go of this show.

So far I've seen up to episode eight of series one….

Hotel Rwanda

Writing about web page

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

I watched Terry George's Hotel Rwanda on Sunday night with Katherine. It's a bloody good 'en that! Definitely worth a watch.

Basically the film is about the conflicts in Rwanda between the Hutus and Tutsis. Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) is a Hutu but his family and many of his friends are Tutsi. Rusesabagina uses the hotel where he works to house over a thousand Tutsi refugees. It also stars Nick Nolte and Joaquin Phoenix.

It's a true story and is very distressing at times but is, however, eye-opening.

Unfortunately the film did not win any of the three Academy Award nominations the film gained which is a shame because it is a fantastic movie.

Welcome Back

Hello All!

Well the second year at Uni is well under way and as it is reading week, I thought I would do what I do best – procrastinate.

As you can see, I've deleted all my entries and photo galleries from last year's blog. I'm using my blog this year to sort of keep a track record of all the things I've seen in terms of TV programmes and films and mainly to pass the times away when I've got nothing better to do.



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