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March 26, 2007

Podcasts from IE7

My podcast viewer currently runs standalone and as a plug-in for Windows Media Player.
How would people prefer to use it? I would love to make it a ClickOnce application that can be installed without being admin. This however would limit the ability to install the WMP plug-in. On the plus side, you receive automatic updates.
I am investigating ways to make the app ClickOnce install and then register the plug-in later. The problem is that the uninstall would not remove the plug-in for you.

In addition, I need a funky name for the app. PIE is a bit abstract and confusing with other products.
I quite like “PodBouncer”, but I’m open to options. The only real constraint is that the .com domain needs to exist.

March 23, 2007

Prettier Pie

Follow-up to PIE! Podcasts from Internet Explorer from codeMonkey.Weblog();

OK, so the first HTML UI was a bit of a quickie…
I’ve made it a bit nicer now. In future versions you will be able to set your own style sheet as well to completely customise it.

Please send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc.

March 22, 2007

PIE! Podcasts from Internet Explorer

Follow-up to Updated Podcasts in Media Player Plugin from codeMonkey.Weblog();

After numerous and continued requests via this blog for a working version of the Windows Media Player podcast viewer plugin, I finally found the time to make it!

I have gone for the name Pie: Podcasts from Internet Explorer
Download it now!

Pie runs as an windows application or as a plug-in for Windows Media Player.
Pie gets the podcasts that have been downloaded by Internet Explorer 7’s feed engine.
You can expand items to read the show notes and click the show title to play.
The playlist button creates and plays a playlist of either all podcasts or just those not yet played.
In addition, an auto-playlist is added to the Windows Media Player library that will have all the podcasts. This is useful if you want to sync them to your MP3 player.
Main Screen
Windows Media Player Plug-in

November 13, 2006

WMP Podcast Plugin

I keep getting the odd comment asking about my Windows Media Podcasting plug-in. The code currently online will not work with the final build of IE7. I need to re-compile against the new common feed list DLLs I think. However, I am so very busy at the moment with 3+ concurrent projects. To be honest, while I like the virtual pats on the back and thank you emails, those are not helping my slightly desperate rent situatiuon. Therefore spending time on a project that will basically have zero return is a luxury I cannot afford.
I do appreciate people showing an interest in the project and I apologise for not being able to continue it at the moment.

May 27, 2006

Download WMP Podcast Plugin

Follow-up to Updated Podcasts in Media Player Plugin from codeMonkey.Weblog();

You can now download the plug–in. It's still in beta and comes with no guarantees, so use at your own risk. If you find any bugs, etc please let me know.


You must be using IE 7 (Beta 2) for this to work. The plug–in uses the new feed subscription feature of IE 7 to pull in podcasts. Subscribe to feeds within IE 7 and make sure you check the "Download attached files" box – this will make it download podcasts.

May 11, 2006

Updated Podcasts in Media Player Plugin

New screen shot of my PiMP (Podcasts in Media Player) plug–in. (Click for full screen view)
wmp plugin 2

I ditched the slow and ugly grid for a nicer custom item list view control. Un–played shows are indicated by an icon. Click play starts a show playing. Clicking "Show Notes" opens a window to read HTML show notes.

I want to add sync stuff next and also scan show notes for time codes (hh:mm) and then skip playback to those locations.

May 10, 2006

WMP Plug–in base library

During my adventures creating Windows Media Player plug–ins in .NET I decided it would be good to have a standard base library to handle most of the WMP goo–code. The result is that making a simple plug–in now consists of just:
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using Equin.WmpPluginLibrary;

namespace Test
[FriendlyName("My Plug-in")]
[Description("Example plug-in using Equin library.")]
public class MyPlugin : PluginBase
public override System.Windows.Forms.Control CreateUI()
Label label = new Label();
label.Text = "Hello, world!";
return label;

public class Installer : PluginInstaller<MyPlugin>


The class uses some custom attributes to describe the plug–in. These are used by the PluginInstaller to set WMPs registry settings.

If anyone is interested in developing WMP plug–ins using .NET then leave a comment. I'll probably make the library source available online if there is sufficient interest…

May 09, 2006

WMP Podcast Plug–In

IE7's feed subscription engine will download enclosures if you tell it too (it's a per–feed setting). However the IE feed browser does not have a direct way to see which items have enclosures. So I decided to create a plug–in for Windows Media Player. The plug–in reads the user's "common feed list" looking for downloaded audio enclosures. These are then listed in a simple grid directly within WMP. I can then simply click a file to start playing.
WMP Plug-In

I wrote the plug–in in just a few hours using VS.NET 2005 with C#2.0! There are still enhancements required, but it does work great already.

Having the MS feed engine syncing all my feeds (podcasts, news, blogs, everything!) and using different applications to view aspects of them is better than trying to have one application do everything.

I may add support for searching and browsing podcast specific content (podcast alley, etc). No need to install iTunes at all! :D

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