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November 01, 2006

Nemerle, NUnit and custom operators

Nemerle allows the definition of new operators. I always feel annoyed having to write code like “Assert.AreEqual(42, myVal)” when unit testing with NUnit.

So I created this operator for use in my project’s test library:

namespace Equin.Vectorization.Library.Tests
    module Utilities
        public static @=!=[T](x : T, y : T) : void
            Assert.AreEqual(x, y)

Now in my test cases I can use it like this:

[Test] public PixelAtTopLeft() : void
    using (bmp = CreateBitmap(Size(10, 10), [Pt(0,0)]))
        def ps = PixelSelector(bmp, Color.Black)
        def pixels = ps.GetPixels()

        mutable count = 0
        mutable aPoint : Pt[int] = null
        foreach (pt in pixels)
            aPoint = pt

        1 =!= count
        0 =!= aPoint.X
        0 =!= aPoint.Y

It’s just sugar, I know, but it makes the assertions really jump out at me. It’s less to type as well :)
I could even make it a macro instead of a method call, that would then let me create a pretty message string as well…

June 27, 2006

Rhino Mocks Boo Macros Released

Writing about web page

My Boo syntactic macros for the Rhino Mocks mock object library are available to test. I've only spent a few days working on them but they are already powerful.

For download links and docs see preliminary documentation

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