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September 17, 2005

WinForms Error Binding

I created a component that handles the boring job of hooking up an object that implements IDataErrorInfo to an ErrorProvider on a form. The data bound object has to implement my IRuleTrigger interface by having two events RuleInvalidated and RuleValidated. These events are listened to by my RuleBinder component. It then enumerates the controls on the form looking for data bindings relevant to the data object. ErrorProvider.SetError is invoked to either set or clear the error on controls as needed.
So now the business object is in control of business rules and the RuleRinder takes care of setting the relevant UI. Thus eliminating all those TextBox.Validated event handlers.
If I get the code commented up properly (when I'm less busy) I'll post it online. It looks like I'm building up a fair amount of code here for a rather nice "Data Binding Framework" library.

September 02, 2005

Aggregate Lists

Has anyone seen aggregate lists anywhere before?
What I mean is given multiple of lists of a business objects (of the same type), I want to have a list that contains all the objects from all the lists. Of course I require any changes in the source lists to be reflected in the aggregate list.
I've done some quick Googling, but found nothing in this area.

I may extend my BindingListView into a BindingAggregateListView that takes multiple IBindingList implementors. It would then be able to sort and filter over all the items.

Example of use:
Say I have 10 Customer objects and each customer has a list of Order objects. I want a form that displays all the orders from all customers (and lets me filter/sort the data). I don't really want to have extra code and queries that pull back a separate list of orders, since I want changes made to be put into the actual Customer's order item.
So an aggregate list of the existing Order lists would work great.

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