October 11, 2005

Scratched Eye Ball

I managed to scratch my right eye ball this morning. There was nothing I could do except sit and endure the pain. I’ve had to skip lectures since I would just be squirming all the way through. After about 5 hours the pain is dulling slightly, so I may make it in for my tutor meeting.

I can honestly say a scratched eye ball is the most annoying injury I’ve ever had!

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  1. I managed to scratch my eyeball in January and I'm still suffering from it. But it was my fault, too much alcohol and a walk in the woods don't mix.
    I hope your eye gets better soon though.

    11 Oct 2005, 20:49

  2. Tammy

    My little boy just got his eye scratched. Is there anything I can do to help him?

    22 Oct 2005, 19:25

  3. I would take him to the doctors and see if they can give him anything to smooth it. Maybe they have some eye drops or something. I would try to stop him from rubbing his eye, as that would make it worse. I feel very sorry for him though – it's a really unpleasant experience.

    22 Oct 2005, 19:32

  4. Sam

    I think I scratched my eye. Does it feel like there is something in your eye? It is definately the most annoying thing. Is there anythng I can do to speed up the healing process?

    28 Oct 2005, 18:47

  5. leelee

    i did the same thing to my eye, (alice) i'm going on 5 days, what did u do to fix it. it's horrible!

    09 Mar 2006, 01:14

  6. leelee


    16 Mar 2006, 03:11

  7. joe

    someone i know got hit in the eye with a hard object and got his eye scratched. he had to go to the hospita.l i dont know anything besides that. how serious could a scratched eye be?

    19 May 2006, 19:47

  8. Jstar83@aol.com

    My dog scratched my eye really bad. I went to the doctor and he put GREAT numbing eye drops in to do the tests and prescribed an antibiotic but NOTHING for the pain! It hurts really bad! He said the pain should go away in 2 days and if not go back to the doctor asap because it can be very serious!

    13 Jul 2006, 20:54

  9. John Ludlow

    I managed to scratch my eyeball a while back, though not too bad. I didn't realise till I went to the optician and she couldn't get my vision in my right eye up as much as she thought she'd be able to. She took me through to see the contact lense guy who had a much better microscope and straight away he could see a scar on my eyeball.

    It sometimes stings really bad (but I suffer from allergies to lots of things so I'm used to that).

    14 Jul 2006, 16:20

  10. Matt

    I can't believe this. This is my 2nd time scratching my eyeball, the last was about 15 years ago. What I can't believe is how I did it. I was doing that thing where you twist the ice holder from your freezer, so the ice cubes pop out… well a small sharp peice of ice snapped off and flew into my eye pretty damn quick… cripes this sucks.

    26 Aug 2006, 05:06

  11. Simi

    Hi, does anyone know have any advice…I accidently pulled out my contact lense in my right eye and it was stuck to my eye like a plaster and difficult to get off as it was very dry.

    It was very stupid of me to have pulled out the contact lense with out any lubrication, but when I pulled it out, my eye stung badly and my vision became impaired. This happend nearly 4 days ago and I am still struggling to see clearly in that eye. There is no more pain, but I am very worried about my eye. Can anyone shed some light on this and how long it will take to heal?


    30 Aug 2006, 10:26

  12. TheOutlander

    I think you should see a doc IMMEDIATELY …. your vision should have been ok after a day ….

    I scratched my eye last week and it hurts like hell … I am in so much pain … I just started a new job and I can’t even work because it is uncomfortable and keeps watering, hurting …. it is red and completely sensitive to light … I end up driving with my eyes closed …. barely can see anything … finally I have started wearing sunglasses and see through my glasses if I have to make a turn .. .considering I am new to the area it really sux … I don’t know the roads either … but its been 6 days and hasn’t healed …. how long will this last ??? anyone have any answers ?? my follow up with the doc is day after …

    03 Sep 2006, 03:57

  13. Milo

    Mine’s worse. I flicked a small piece of steel into my eye and a tiny piece (the size of a grain of salt) is stuck in my eyeball. I went to my family doctor and she said that there wasn’t anything in there (even though I can see that there is). She gave me drop to sooth the eye. It works but once I stop using it the pain comes back. Tomorrow I’m going to get it checked out by my eye doctor. I KNOW there is something in there. So hopefully they will remove it.

    12 Sep 2006, 22:53

  14. Woody

    Just wanted to say to anybody that has pain in their eye and insurance. Go to an optomerist. I only say this because I recently experienced a straight shot from my nephew’s fingernail into my pupil. I will say it hurt, but my whole family basically told me it was no big deal. Since it was a holiday weekend I believed them for the first two days, but as soon as the doctors opened back up I drove myself. Which I don’t suggest doing. I got to the doctor and he basically told me I had a 72 hour window and that if I would have waited another day I may have been blinded in my eye. He gave me antibiotic, pain, and steroid drops. Also, I had to use a gel ointment on my eye every night. He took me of the pain and antibiotic drops, but I had to stay on the gel and steroids for about a month and a half. He also said it would probably take two or three months to heal. I am not sure how it is for other people, but I couldn’t see out of my eye, sleep, or think. So if you have any of those problems definitely seek help. I wish I could have got it checked out sooner, but my family doctor basically blew me off and told me they couldn’t do anything for me. The optomerist will put some yellow stuff in your eye and look at it and see the scratch if there is one. Apparently regular doctor’s offices and emergency rooms can’t do that. I do have a question for any of you that have experienced this and have had proper treatment did you ever get your full vision back? Even with glasses does it feel like you can’t see that well? Number two does the pain ever stop? I mean if there is like a piece of dust does it still feel like you got your eye scratched out? Or if you accidentally brush you eyelid do you feel pain?

    25 Sep 2006, 07:54

  15. kelsey

    there is something in my eye. i went to the eye doctor then the next day, something went wrong. i dont know what is going on, but it is the worst pain ever. its so annoying when people keep telling you that nothing’s wrong. like hello, it is MY eye. hopefully, i will get this all figured out today!

    25 Sep 2006, 22:31

  16. Rikaelus

    My wife and I were wrestling around in bed almost 2 weeks ago. She was going to poke my right cheek but I swung my head around to the right and she scratched the side of my eyeball instead. I’ve had the sensation of something in my eye all this time and I have no idea what to do about it. I don’t see many people writing “OMG GO TO THE HOSPITAL” on the internet for such things, so I don’t want to get too excited, but if it’s scratched I’m worried about it getting infected. The pain isn’t too constant, but in the mornings it can hurt – I think from putting pressure on my right temple – and my eye waters like crazy.

    I need to get to the doctor soon for a full physical, so I’ll probably put this off till then. That is unless someone writes “OMG GO TO THE HOSPITAL”, anyway.

    “One Eye” Rikaelus

    28 Sep 2006, 05:11

  17. Danielle

    Today when I was having people vote on pictures I took for the play we’re in, so we can figure out the poster and program covers and such, my eye hurt all of a sudden. I couldn’t see anything in there when I looked at it, but my glasses were also off and my eye was all watery. Its just like one spot that hurts when I blink or if I look a certain way.
    I don’t know if I scratched it or not, but I definitely feel like something’s wrong with my eye. It’s pretty much not cool…

    10 Oct 2006, 23:33

  18. shj

    my lil bro jumped on me while i was asleep and fell on my eye it really hurts when i blink or whn i look a certain way. any suggestions? its so inconvenient because i have my final exams in 1.5 weeks

    25 Oct 2006, 01:49

  19. shj

    get it checked out before it gets infected

    25 Oct 2006, 05:02

  20. DM

    I have a tendency to scratch my eye in sleep. I am guessing it is mainly from my tendency sleep on my stomach. Sometimes it happens after few months , and at other times within weeks. Today early in the morning I woke up with my face on the pillow and a very scratchy eye. Instead of trying to get up I try to turn on my back, keep my eyes closed and catch some extra sleep. Sometmes that helps and at other times it does not, like today. I really dont know for sure if I am rubbing my face on the pillow with my eyes open or it is something else. I have to keep trying to sleep on my back/side. I have toyed with the idea of putting eye masks. Not sure that would help. The irritation and blurryness usually goes away by the end of the day. Today it is mroe irritated than blurry. This whole thing started a few years ago, I might add.
    I probably should set up a video camera to see what I do in my sleep !

    25 Oct 2006, 17:14

  21. Jodi Raines

    My son was playing with his baby sister & she scratched his eye. I trim her nails, but they grow very fast and her finger nail scratched his cornea. You can actually see the scratch. It is over the pupil/iris. Our ER sucks here, so I know they won’t be able to do much. Do you think I could wait til Monday to take him to the eye doc? We have used visine to clean it out & now have a patch over it so he doesn’t rub it. Any suggestions??? Thank you!!

    28 Oct 2006, 19:16

  22. Amie

    Iv just scratched my eye how stupid!!!!I sharpened my eye liner and there was a small piece of wood on the pencil still,i applyed my eye make up and my eyes killing me feels like the wood is in my eye,iv rinsed it with water but it isnt helping,and i start my first day of evening classes tonight!!!:(
    How long will this last

    30 Oct 2006, 08:07

  23. Lucille

    When it involves the eye, go to the eye doctor as soon as possible. No one really wants to go blind and sometimes the longer you put off going the greater the risk. Why not just go to the eye doctor and let him handle it.

    12 Nov 2006, 21:57

  24. Kat

    I recently scratched my eye and went to an optometrist and she prescribed me eye drops that you take for 5-7 days. They’re very easy and painless and she also told me that the injuries of the eyes, particularly on the irises are the fastest to heal out of all of your body, which is definitely a good thing. I say that if you don’t want to go to a doctor, go to your grocery store and purchase a bottle of Saline Solution and put a few drops in your eye every hour or so.

    27 Nov 2006, 05:42

  25. Yo

    I’ve had a corneal abrasion (scratch on eye), it hurt, especially in the light. I went to the er, they gave me antibiotic drops and numbing drops which worked really well.

    Check this out…I took out my contact the other day and it was really dry. When I took it out my eye started to hurt, but when I put it back in it was fine. Looking at my contact, there’s a little tiny piece that looks like it was torn from the edge…it is possible that that piece is stuck to the inside of my eyelid, and having contacts in protects it?

    29 Nov 2006, 22:50

  26. Jodie Leckerman

    I got my eye scratched and I lost my voice last Friday. I still can’t speak and my eye still hurts. I think that too much perfume and a walk in the park don’t mix. Hey, my comment is a bit like Alice McEwen’s.

    15 Dec 2006, 17:47

  27. lance

    i woke up today and felt like something was in my eye butt couldnot find anythig in it i think i might have scrached it how long will this last?????????????

    01 Jan 2007, 21:00

  28. Jennifer

    My 1 year old scratched my eye yesterday morning. This is the third time it has happened in the last 7 years. Here’s what I’ve learned… It will hurt like crazy. Not a bad idea to see a doctor. The first time, my doctor sent me home saying it would heal quickly but I was in so much pain, I went back to see him the next day. He sent me to an eye doctor who gave me a clear (non-prescription) contact to wear. It served as a “band-aid” and allowed my eye to heal overnight. I guess the scratch on my eye was in a spot where everytime I blinked, it ripped back open and couldn’t heal. The second time and this time, I skipped the doctors and had my husband (he wears contacts) put one of his contacts in my scratched eye. The eye doctor would probably frown on our “home remedy” but it’s basically what she did for me the first time.

    10 Jan 2007, 05:16

  29. sandy

    I get this weird scrated-eye pain in the middle of the night for a moment but it hurts too much to wake me up. And then, there is nothing. Any idea what it could be?

    17 Jan 2007, 19:20

  30. viola

    at first everyone thought i had pink eye when i showed them what happened. my eye was all red and swollen, but its actually scratched from when i was taking out my dry contacts it might have been my nails or something. i keep thinking there’s something in my eye and if i just take it out ill feel better. i have exams this coming week and i can’t study like this. im sensitive to light and its watering like crazy. what should i do?

    20 Jan 2007, 19:27

  31. iana

    My 1,5 year old son had scrached my eye , it hurts me when i blink my eye. Horrible pain. swollen and watering. I am worrying that his fingernail stuck inside my eye, I will try to see doctor tomorrow.

    24 Jan 2007, 00:35

  32. Jim

    I seem to scratch my eye about every 3 years or so. Either through playing sports or foolishly I work outside on my yard or do woodworking projects and end up with a wood chip in my eye. You’re right, it hurts like the dickens and should last 1 to 2 days. Here is my rule, if it hurts really bad but you can’t see the damage then monitor it for a day or two and see if it gets better. If you can see the damage go to the doctor as soon as possible (within 24 hours). You have a serious injury that can easily get infected.

    27 Jan 2007, 13:51

  33. aj

    I just stabbed myslef in the eye with a screwdriver while working on something and i can see a small scratch across my eye. it hurts but my vision is getting better!

    29 Jan 2007, 21:02

  34. mika

    I scratched my right eye ball two weeks ago and the next morning it was really red in the corner closer to my nose, later that night I noticed a little bump in the same corner but the bump was on the white part of my eye ball….now its been two weeks and my eye is just barely just a tiny pink only when i look at it close up in mirror, but the little bump is still there not as big put its there, someone told me that something got in there and I needed to see a doctor fast because it could go deeper in my eye, I’m so worried now?.....

    06 Feb 2007, 20:00

  35. Ry

    well i was putting together my stereo and the metal speaker wire hit me in the eye. it dosnt hurt bad but it stings should i go to the doc’s? please help!!!

    24 Feb 2007, 07:21

  36. Marky Mark

    I was playing with my nephew and his winnie the pooh toy and the toy scratched my eye! I thought nothing of it and left it not realising, because after a few hours the pain went away. About five days later my eye became infected and exploded! It was a real shock one minute it was fine the next it was burst and running all down my cheek. When I looked into the mirror I was horrified to find out that I looked like Winnie the pooh only with one eye! Never again will I mess about with magic mushrooms!

    03 Apr 2007, 16:35

  37. Jack

    i scratched my eye in the garden obviously a bit of dirt and i rubbed it a bit therefore i think i have scratched my eyeball does anyone know how long it could take to feel better ??? please help

    09 Apr 2007, 20:00

  38. Tam

    It seems to be an occupational hazard as a parent – this is the second time my eye has been scratched by a 2y/o, the last time was nearly five years ago!

    The first time I went to the eye hospital a day or so after the incident where they put drops in the eye to enlarge the pupil so they could get a better look at the damage.
    I was told that my eye was healing already – probably because I had taken the precaution of using an eye patch and resting the eye as much as possible – but I was given antibiotic eye drops and ointment, (the drops for daytime and the ointment for night) and sent on my merry way.
    The eye seemed to heal fairly fast and gave me no further problems.

    This time I went to see the out-of-hours GP who, after my disclosure of the previous experience, issued me with the ointment and some sterile eye pads to use in the interim.

    I probably won’t seek further treatment unless the eye worsens in any way.

    15 Apr 2007, 12:13

  39. Davie

    If you suspect you have scratched your eye, always go see a doctor, please don’t wait to see if it gets any worse. If you have scratched your eye (not as easy to do as you think) an infection can very easily get in, and that can lead to all sorts of problems. get some antibiotic drops, normally chloramphenicol, to stop any infection getting in there.

    26 Apr 2007, 11:14

  40. Ray

    yah i juss scratched my friends eye and i feel really bad :( i hope it gets better…im juss worried it could develope into blindness or something, but if anyone knows if it could develope into that, plz let me know, ttyl

    worried friend

    04 May 2007, 19:55

  41. Edwin

    my eye got hit with a ball and it getting red and i am sensitive to light what do i do .please help

    07 May 2007, 00:42

  42. yayson

    I got my eye poked last week and I do believe it got scratched. Now whenever I blink and open my eyes i see a scratch line. Is this a normal experience with a scratched eye?

    15 May 2007, 00:36

  43. lesley


    24 May 2007, 09:06

  44. Brandon

    I’m pretty sure i scratched my eye. I was swimming today and this splash ball had dirt on it (alot) and my friend threw it and it hit my face and i can barely look around or blink and it just is so red and it just keeps watering up into tears for like ever and i’m worried. Can anybody help?

    29 May 2007, 00:56

  45. T

    If you scratched your eye badly or feel that something is in your eye you need to go see an optometrist or an opthalmologist asap before the situation gets worse.

    03 Jun 2007, 06:46

  46. David

    If you scratch your eye or pull your contact out when it is dry or if you get something shot in your eye such as ice or steel – OMG GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR! I pulled my contact out when it was dry and I tore a hole in my eye. If you don’t get to the eye doctor with a day or two you will go blind without proper treatment! I just scratched my eye the other day and it normally takes 24 – 48 hours for a scratched eye to heal so if it takes longer than that – OMG GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR! Don’t put it off otherwise you can go blind!

    11 Jun 2007, 17:23

  47. layla


    i pinched my left eyeball about a year ago, dont ask how it happened it was stupid, anyways its very very small but i can still see a light red dot where i pinched it. can anybody help?? will drops work??

    19 Jun 2007, 03:43

  48. Jess

    I was with my mates on the field, at lunch today, when a stick was chucked into my eye, by accident. It is really sore and my friend said she saw a tear with a bit of blood in it! It went really red and still is. I am having to wear sunglasses so that there isn’t much sun light. Sharp eye movements ache and loud noises kill!x Does any1 know anything to help me!
    Jess the 14 year old !PIRATE! =[ xxx

    19 Jun 2007, 18:24

  49. smilan

    Wow, my story is nothing like you all’s – it seems so much worse. I got shot in the eye (lid, not ball) with a plastic pellet gun from far away. I had 3 scratches on my cornea. I was in ecrusciating pain for 5 days. I went to the er and the dr’s office. I was prescribed anti-biotic drops and heavy pain meds (tylenol w/coedine, and vicadin) from each doc. Even with that the pain from the light was a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. I couldnt do anything for myself. I could barely walk straight b/c opening my good eye somehow caused immense pain in the bad one. It’s 8 months later now, and my eye feels pressured when I awake in the mid. of the night, and if I wipe too hard when washing my face, it feels like rocks are in it. Im thinking of going back to see the opthomologist just to make sure nothing is happening.

    20 Jun 2007, 13:52

  50. aszbaz

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! my email address is arbaazazam@yahoo.co.uk . im 14, and in science we were throwing quadrats on grass, and my friend, who has the biggest hands in the school, huge hands, smacked me in the face, and now my right eye, i have that problem, like when a camera flashes and u have a bright patch. its gone down a bit, but still not perfect. please email me with help.

    21 Jun 2007, 22:13

  51. Kyle

    OK…so i was just hanging out with my friends and i was on the back of a dirt bike when a fly got me right in the eye…so i went home and told my mom..we got most of it out but i think there is still a lot of it in there..my mom says it’s out and just scratched but i think it’s still in there….should i leave it or go to the hospital?

    24 Jun 2007, 03:39

  52. stehirst

    i was at work, 2 days ago, felt like something went in my eye, its irritating, wen i bliNk, or close my eye,ive tried rinsing my eye, but i cant see anything inside it. do u suggest doctors or hospital??

    24 Jun 2007, 23:06

  53. stehirst

    my eye has started to go red, and i hardly rub it, please help

    24 Jun 2007, 23:08

  54. Prtcannon

    I scratched my eye sawing down a tree limb about a month ago, and then I did it AGAIN today while putting together a basketball goal. I got the damn thing assembled, and on the maiden shot dirt that was on the top of the backboard fell and some got into one of my eyes. It feels better now, but earlier I had to keep it shut with a cold compress over it. Now I can keep it open (after repeatedly rinsing it for about half an hour straight), but it’s still very irritated. My adivce to anyone on here who has an eye that’s irritated or constantly stinging is to go to a doctor. With my other eye injury, they put some drops in that stopped the pain instantly. I followed that up with antiobiotic eye drops, and was better within 2 days.

    29 Jun 2007, 05:26

  55. kerry

    my 2year old son scratched my boyfriends eye the other day and he said it was killing him.I did nothing but take the piss saying how bad could a poke in the eye be,he went to the doc the next day and they refered him to an eye specialist.Ifeel really bad now as they confirmed he had a severe scratch along the pupil of the eye,he is now wearing a eye patch to keep the eye shut and has to apply cream every 4 hours i advise anyone in the same situation to go seek help

    29 Jun 2007, 11:39

  56. ANGELA


    03 Jul 2007, 01:04

  57. anna

    I feel something like dust in my right I but it goes away some time and it comes back I have this problem for almost a week now. I’m washing it with warm water and keep warm pads for about ten minutes twice a day with no results. What is that could be and how can I tread it.
    Than you

    21 Jul 2007, 14:30

  58. Stephen Roberts

    i went to a festival at the weekend and got a little worse for wear (as you do) when i left in the morning i felt fine but after an hours sleep i woke up with severe pain in my left eye, vision completly blurred and couldn’t open it without the help of my fingers, the pain was unbearable so i carted myself off straight down the hospital, after the doc put some anesthetic in my eye there was instant relief and i thought it was all over with, but no, it was just so i could open it and he could take a look inside, turns out i have a circular scratch covering at least half of my pupil, i’ve got ointment to put on 4 times a day (extremely painful) and no proper pain relief, just paraceatamol and ibruprofen, this was sunday morning, its now tuesday evening and i’m still in agony and my vision hasn’t returned or the pain dulled, got till thursday morning till my return check up at the hospital. this must be the crappiest ailment i’ve ever suffered

    31 Jul 2007, 17:05

  59. jim harrell

    i just got contacts 2 days ago and they are the soft ones that are hard to see. i went to remove them and realized that the contact was not there. but i relized it after i did something to my eye. it feels like an eye lash is in there but it’s not. wat should i do? and is there anything i can do for it at home?

    14 Aug 2007, 16:26

  60. Kelli

    when I was about 13, I was curling my bangs and looking up while I did it. Wouldn’t you know it, my sis comes in and hits my elbow with the door, causing me to drop the curling iron INTO my open eye!!!!!! Well I sat around for about 3 hours and just COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! So we went to the opthomologist, and he said if I had come in any later, losing my eye would have been a HUGE possibility. I had to wear an eye patch for about a month, but I have my full 20/15 vision back!!!! (That took around 6 mos.)

    18 Sep 2007, 22:48

  61. andrew

    man my friend and i were playing around and he poked me in my eye now its red and kinda hard to see out of what do i do i think im planning on goin to the doctor tomorrow.

    26 Sep 2007, 02:56

  62. Bobbi

    I somehow got dirt, or debris in my eye. The terrible pain sent me in a tailspin. I was afraid of saline drops, thought it would sting more. Ended up five days in horrible pain, went to the ER, did all the things everyone is saying above, made it worse. I was going out of my mind. There were no cuts or abraisions. Eye closed shut. Very swollen, I wore an eye patch, I couldn’t function. I finally listened to my husband, and I washed my eye five times in a row with saline solution and a cup. Turned out there was all kinds of junk in there and I got it all out. Lesson: I should have listened to myhusband and washed with saline like crazy until I got it out, I could have saved five days of hell.

    Now, three days ago, he cut his outer layer of his eye from a dirty contact, you can see like a pocked mark little cuts on his pupil area, and his eye is swollen. He is in a lot of pain, he will go see an eye doctor today.

    26 Sep 2007, 14:38

  63. S

    This website may help

    28 Sep 2007, 04:33

  64. Chris

    I got shower gel in my eye 4 and a half days ago, and becasue i rubbed my eyes a lot, i have scratched it. I still can’t read writing out of the let out, but i can make objects out. I went to casulty and they gave me some antibiotic ointment drops and painkiller drops. Seems to be improving a little each day touches wood, but could take 2 weeks!

    02 Oct 2007, 12:52

  65. Jon

    About a year ago my contacts that i was wearing, i guess were fautly, because shortly after they were recalled. but they caused an irritation in my cornea and which allowed something to go in and cause an infection. My eye got really red and hurt everytime i blinked and i thought it was pink eye so i waited for two days, i finally went to doctor and i had to have three diff eye drops put into my eye every hour for a week. if i had waited another day my right eye would have gone blind. so now the cornea healed but there is a big scar on my cornea, its white and cloudy and it impairs my vision in my right eye. so my right eye is blurry 24/7 even with contacts or glasses. So i recommend that if you think something is wrong with your eye, just go to a doctor immediately.

    06 Oct 2007, 07:22

  66. Ercan

    I scratched my eye while i was holding some kind of plastic packaging.. Anyways the corner of the plastic packaging got into my left eye and scratched it badly, I went to a clinic probably in 30 mins they washed it with eye wash and gave me antibiotic eye drops to use 1 week 3 times a day. they also patched it and told me to follow up with an eye doctor for the next day, I went to the eye doctor and my vision and everything else looked good, he took out the patch and told me to cont. with the drops.. He says nothing to worry about it is 85% healed already.. Ever since the doctor took the patch out, I have had blurry vision on that eye… at first I thought it should be because of the patch I had over for one day, but it’s been a full 30 hours since the doctor took the patch out, and I still have blurry vision on that eye, I tried to contact the doctor again but he wasn’t in… I will try back tomorrow but since then, anybody have an idea what I should do? maybe it will be recovered once the scratch totally heals?

    25 Oct 2007, 02:06

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