February 02, 2007

Problems focusing

How come the best projects always come along at the busiest times? My mate Alex came to visit last weekend and we got talking about a great project. I don’t want to say too much here in case some sneaky bright-spark implements it before us! The project has great potential and really motivated me to get cracking on a prototype. This is the kind of motivation that makes me work until 3am without even realising!
Of course the problem with all this is that I should be working on my 3rd year uni project right now. In addition, I need to prepare for travelling back the Cornwall on the 8th to sell my primary school assessment tracking app “Insight”. I really should be doing reading for my various uni modules as well. I actually turned down some contract work with a regular client because I’m just too busy. I could have really done with the money too.
Uni is seeming less relevant every day. I have to stick it out, don’t I? My plan for when I finish is to start my own software company. I already have one great product, Insight, and this new project with Alex stands to be an awesome success as well. I guess a few more months won’t seem like a big deal in retrospect, but right now it feels like I’m wasting precious time that would better spent developing my company.
Maybe I should find out the university’s policy on defering my final year…
Heh, isn’t the world richest man a college drop out? ;)

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  1. I can remember getting really motivated to do other things while I was doing my 3rd year project – if only I was that motivated to do my actual project :-)

    02 Feb 2007, 12:22

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