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April 18, 2006


Follow-up to Behavior Driven Development: BooSpec from codeMonkey.Weblog();

Wooo! I thought it couldn't be done, but Boo's syntactic macros (given an afternoon of hacking!) allow me to do this:
import BooSpec

context TestContext:
data as string

data = "hello"

specify Print:
print data

e = TestContext()
Yup, that's right! The "context" macro is creating a new class. The setup and specify macros create methods. Basically what this means is soon we'll be able to write object behaviour specifications without all that nasty non-spec syntax getting in the way.
class EmptyStack:
def CountIsZero():
with simply:
context "Empty Stack"
specify "Count is zero":
I must say a huge thank you to the guys over on the BooLang group. Without their advice and examples I'd never have gotten here!

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