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November 01, 2006

Nemerle, NUnit and custom operators

Nemerle allows the definition of new operators. I always feel annoyed having to write code like “Assert.AreEqual(42, myVal)” when unit testing with NUnit.

So I created this operator for use in my project’s test library:

namespace Equin.Vectorization.Library.Tests
    module Utilities
        public static @=!=[T](x : T, y : T) : void
            Assert.AreEqual(x, y)

Now in my test cases I can use it like this:

[Test] public PixelAtTopLeft() : void
    using (bmp = CreateBitmap(Size(10, 10), [Pt(0,0)]))
        def ps = PixelSelector(bmp, Color.Black)
        def pixels = ps.GetPixels()

        mutable count = 0
        mutable aPoint : Pt[int] = null
        foreach (pt in pixels)
            aPoint = pt

        1 =!= count
        0 =!= aPoint.X
        0 =!= aPoint.Y

It’s just sugar, I know, but it makes the assertions really jump out at me. It’s less to type as well :)
I could even make it a macro instead of a method call, that would then let me create a pretty message string as well…

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