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November 07, 2006


I cant believe that I’ve started blogging. It’s so silly…but since I have some thoughts for discussion …just I let it be
I watched “The History of boys” yesterday and probably over-impressed. The film about everything and nothing and boys are really nice…and I started to think and feel something…It’s all about your choice and your ambitions and life or fatum, which correct all your plans.
However, you personally can do nothing with…you can do nothing with History. I’ve just remembered a friend of mine PhD dissertation about multivariation of history…Especially funny were his forecasts for integration of Baltic countries and Russia. According to his calculations(it was a ratio of years of independance Baltic countries to years of integration with Russia) sooner or later Baltics should become a part of Russian Federation… I also like The World History presented by Satirickon…a very funny book published I think between 1917 and 1927…it is a re-writing of school history textbook in humorous way…Russian history…Romans and greeks…
So people are used to play with history and pretend to be involved in history…and everyone at the same time is a part of it.
As usuall post is quite dull

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