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October 18, 2013

Not that obvious! Know who u work with – I

Boss: is not one without a project to run, people to direct objectives to reach. Nonetheless, a Leader: is not one either without all of those or been aware about the value of the human resource as a person who feels.

I had to say to be fair, sometimes a chief does not count with a good team selection which is not his/her fault but the recruitment 'team' indeed. As our brain is limited by time is impossible to have the knowledge of the universe in side of the head therefore expertise and areas in which individuals can acquire it is recognized 'luckily' through time and selected to be continually improved. Then getting the right bunch of information and qualifications for the job is a task reachable by the study of the individual.

A great team is created as an example of this exercise, every entity has been designed to do a job (put it in terms of robots just for a moment); these artefacts, certainly treat in that way for a boss, need to be programmed to do tasks and then the ordeal arise when running time comes. How would be the best way to order and receive results effectively and efficiently? if humans were machines probably with time would be solved but no.

Information allows as to have it but not to interpret it by itself, has to be analyse, measure and is power. However, it has no feelings to works in conjunction with and against it, beside consciousness and awareness that come from humans and these are the toughest part of the job and the importance to know the people that you work with.

Is not that obvious, keep happening in the 21th century and I'm afraid with the growth of technology is going to be worse!

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