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October 21, 2013

Meetings: 1 step behind two forward

Recognising the importance of meetings exist several points that need to be checked before actually have it in order to do it well and play the game.

  • Why am I arranging it: It avoids to covered other points and lose focus e.g problem-solving. It is necessary? or we do not even identify which kind of problems need to be solve then is not the purpose of the meeting.

  • Secondly, would be fruitful to considerer other options to reach our purpose; a meeting maybe is not the best way to obtain the desirable results; maybe just ask for the information or data could be enough.

  • Is important to call the correct person to attend it and let them know what kind of input would be valid from them to progress. These must be notified the order of the agenda, times as well as contextualise if it is peremptory to cover the purpose.

then the individual who was called needs to analyse which is the roll inside of this.

  • Consider: can I attend or not according with the importance of it and the roll in this, checking their own schedule.

  • Be prepared: information, points to considerer; relevance of them. What do I can get or contribute and have the disposition to do (attitude). take notes or not.

Having clear both who arrange the meeting and who is called to be there is a good started to make it dynamic and successful.

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