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October 20, 2013

NTO! Know who u work with – II Aptitude/Attitude

    Starts right

    To know who is paying at the end of the month and achieve goals I say: people work FOR a company or getting goals, but lets begin from the beginning (valid redundancy) as people work in teams and following the principle every part inside of it are equally important thus they are the people who you work WITH.


    I truly believe that if leaders know their people beyond of CV work in teams would be efficient, effective, even fun creating a comfortable relationship more likely to reach goals on time and creatively. The knowledge is there but the hardest way to use it is limiting individuals just to do what they are hire for.

    • Aptitude: recognise what they are good at is an advantage, what is definitively easy or not for them and is reflected in how the job is done. As not everyone was born with several innate talents or has developed at least not all of them, it worth get to know which is their comfort area and even more important in which one they are not; is responsibility of leaders support and help to improve skills. This shows respect and interest letting them notice that are valuable making an stronger group and changing attitudes
    • Attitude: is more than a word, I personally believe that results depend on the attitude. Some of us has a positive one or not and this is linked to emotions and feelings influenced by surroundings. The Key for me is be aware how a situation affects who you work with so well to reach you goals and gain terrain.

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