May 01, 2011

people and knolwedge management

Now we are in the digital era, knowledge transformation and knowledge management play important roles for organisations . Furthermore , people is the curial element in knowledge management . Therefore , how to implement people-focused knowledge management , there are some points that we should take into account.

First of all , building  a deliberate and systematic knowledge management .For example , take advantage of the spiral  knowledge , having the concepts of tacit and explicit knowledge.Secondly, creating a strong corporate culture about knowledge sharing and management . On the other hand , the organisation should motivate employees to having intellectual capital stewardship mentality .Finally , the commitment of managers and they need to make everybody within the organisation understand the expectation for business results. So that the transformation of knowledge could be utilised and achieve the goals of organisations.

April 30, 2011

Decision making with uncertainty

With several weeks studying on robust decision making , I had found out that it is not easy to make decision , especially under various uncertainties.Take conservation management for example , the uncertainty from environment , the government policy changed rapidly and can not be controlled .

Moreover, with these uncertainties , it seems that the simple decision making tools, such as decision tables , decision trees, are not enough for complex decision making . The reasons why those tools that mentioned above are not sufficient are because that decision tables and trees are simple framework which involve identifying three components , acts,states and outcomes for formal decision making . In other words, these two tools are suitable for some situations where possibility are more relevant to and reliable the reality . 

however , in the real world , the information and knowledge are not always sufficient for decision making . therefore , the information-gap methodology would be more suitable for robust decision making . The information gap methodology was invented to assist decision making when there were severe knowledge gap and when probalistic model of uncertainties are unreliable , inapppropriate and unavailable. It provided three basic requirements , for instance , a mathematical process model , a performance requirement and a model for uncertainty  to meet the goals of decision making .

To conclude , decision trees and decision tables might provide good framework for decision  making , while with information -gap methodology would be more suitable , reliable for robust decision making .

April 11, 2011

The Last KBAM presentation

Last Friday was our last presentation , and we had a very different style of presentation . In this presentation , I had learned that it is really difficult to express your whol idea within twenty minutes , espeically when you are introudcing a new concept . First of all , it needs a clear structure to cover most of topics or critera . If we can not let the listeners to get the big picture, it would be hard to enplant the information . Secondly , involving ourselves in  the roles of the presentation is also difficult , it takes time to pracitce .

I still rememebered that when I did my first presentation , there might be some doubt while I was doing the presentation due to less understanding about the presentation itself. In other words, I might have no cofidence and less knowledge about myself and what I have learned .

As the time goes by , I had learned and my thinking had been changed . I am happy about the learning process that I had learned . I feel more confident with the presentation , and I could involve myself into the role play although still need lots of practice .

Therefore , I think that I am on the right track to tansfer tacit to explict knowledge , however, I stiil need to practice more to express my viewpoints to others. Indeed , knowledge management is everywhere .

April 09, 2011

Knowledge management in everywhere

Within these group meeting, I have learned that the criteria of asset management is really wide, and it is impossible that we can understand all these knowledge by ourselves, It needs every member to contribute together and that is why sharing tacit and explicit knowledge are crucial in the knowledge management .The most difficult part of knowledge transmission is to transfer the knowledge through word of mouth, especially when the information is existed in the experienced people. On the other hand, the willing of sharing knowledge is also important within people and organizations. If no one would like to share and let the knowledge be transferred, there would be no innovation for continuous improvement.

For our team, I have to say that I am lucky to have such great members which are willing to share knowledge. We make good use of wiki to collaborate and generate information and knowledge that we have. Therefore, in my opinion, the knowledge management is everywhere as long as we have an open mind to contribute to the organization through appropriate approaches and concepts to manage knowledge.

April 06, 2011

Which area should be satisfied with by decesion–making , the public awareness or the government ?

On Monday , we had an interesting exercise which is related to the decesion making about the climate change .

In this exercise , I found out that it is hard to get the balanced between the public awareness and the government creditability . At the fisrt 7 decesions , we get almost both increase in these two areas, and it leads our team to believed that we do the right decisions . However , at the last three decisions , we got the results not so well and out of our expectations. We loose the government creditability , at that moment , all the team memebers were confused by the decesion-making , that is --which one should be satified first , the public awareness or the government creditbility ?

For me , it is a real difficult to decide . Most of the time , deploying a plan or policy need the government 's support. On the other hand, the public awareness would be more powerful for implementing the policy . however , there is always some coflcts between these two . Furthermore , the lost of any one of areas would cause the wrong deceiosn . Frankly speaking , these two areas should be both  foused and be  balanced .

Therefore , when we make the deceison , we should always think about how we want the plan or project be implemented ,in a long -term views or just for a short term goals and missions.

To conclude , finding the balance between the public awareness and the government creditbility would be better in decision-making .

March 26, 2011

charismatic leadership

Recently I had seen a movie ---the king's speech , it reminded me of the leadership theory that we just learned from Leadership and Excellence module.

In this film , the main problems of the king is his stammer and being afraid of speaking to the public. however , as a leader of a country , speaking in public is essential and it has certain power to comfort the  feeling of people. 

Comparing the situation to the charismatic leadership , it is obviously that the king has not qualified to meet people's expectations. therefore , it makes me wondering that  who should decide the characteristics of  leaders and  which personality or quality has the "charisma" ?Furthermore , could "Charisma "  not be learned ? 

Many studies pointed out that charismatic leadership usually emerge in tough times, and it is because that a strong and inspiring personality could reduce followers ' stress and anxiety . While in the king's viewpoint, he knew that he needed to build the charisma which could motivate people , and willing to change .

Hence ,maybe we could say that "Charisma " can be learned and built , but it should be under a hypothesis that the leader has the personality, such as taking risk and facing challenge . Without chaning themselves first , the charismatic leaderships might not be worked .

March 19, 2011

AHP —–analytical hierarchy process

AHP refers to Analytical Hierarchy Process , and it is a multicriteria decision making approach which arranges factors in hierarchy structure. Moreover , there are some factors need to be taken into account when we apply this method .

1. How to structure a decision problem ---in AHP  method ,the most important thin is to choose factors which actually related to decision making in hierarchic structure , for example , it starts from the overall goal  to criteria and sub-criteria .

2. Scale of measurement -- avoiding only number crunching: As we know that numbers take a significant parts in AHP method , however , we also need to be aware of that numbers should be judegeable and not fall into such situation which try to please one group of people and result in merely number crunching .

3. paired comparison as ratios--in AHP method , the basic contribution is how to derive relative scales using data from a standard scale and how to perform the following operation without number crunching . Therefore , paired comparison is initial at this part.

4.Theoretical consideration--it refers to when applying the AHP, we should be aware of the continuity and ensure that after transforming a variable , originally nearby value go over nearby value .

March 18, 2011

Decision Making

During these two weeks , I had learned something about decision making . In general, we have to make decisions within our daily lives and most of our decisions comes from our intuitions . And some of the time , we could regret about the result while we might make the wrong decision at the beginning . So , how do we to avoid or reduce the possibility of  making wrong decisions?

First of all , we need to think out of the box and having an open-minded attitude toward each possible outcome.

Although the human biases are not easily to eliminate , but we could try to minimise them and ease its impact on judgement .

Secondly , using the decision methodologies to support or clarify the decision making with reasonable measurement. Furthermore , the selection of decision making tools is also important , not only the criteria that should suitable for different situation , but also to avoid the bias which we might have on the tools that we choose. 

Finally, the decision making should include both qualitative data and quantitative data to avoid the baises and to ensure the completeness.

February 16, 2011

Leadrship style and trust

in these two days, I had experienced two different roles of the organizaiton , which are a  team leader and a team member.

When  I was a team leader , my role was to be a laissez-faire leader and saw what  was the impact on team performance. Personally , I am not keen on this type of leadership style  in some certain points , for example , in my opinion , a leader is someone who should build up the vision and give the direction to member and involves with group members as a whole team. Especially under some emergency situation , clear direction and efficient decision should be deployed quickly , while this type of leadership is a time consuming approach for team to solve the problem . Moreover , this type of leadership might be more effective that when the leader knows the strength of members and having mutual trust between a leader and team members.On the other hand , I agree with that a leader should give team members certain freedom to create and solve the problem.

While in today's exercise , I become a team member . At the beginning , we had a wrong strategy which make profit loss and feel depressed , even the leader himself is nervous and gets panic . all of the sudden, the leader was been changed , and everyone within the team starts be more involved in the team . Could it be the personality of the new leader has the influence on team members ? Usually when an organisation change the leader , there would come up with some conflict or recognition problems between a leader and team members , it could be affected by different type of leadership , however , in our group , the leadership style between the two leaders are the same as the democratic style. So could it be that one leader builds more trust than the other ? And as a leader , how do we build trust with team members  and avoid the bias ?

February 09, 2011

The definition of leadership

Today , Each group made the presentation of the definition of leadership, and I am really proud of  our team's definition and it would be the principle and guideline for me in the following carer life, which is :

"Leadership is a process of an act of influencing commitment from people towards the achievement of shared goals by effective communication and behaviours with integrity and honesty ."

In my point of view , I think that a leader is different from a manager , which means that managers are someone who had known lots of tools or skills to organised people to do the right things , while leaders are people who have the ability to influence people to achieve the goal. For me , I believe that not everyone has the power or ability of influence , therefore there are only few leaders but lots of managers . Before becoming a leader who can influence people within the organisation, he must have a strong charisma which can attract people to follow him/ her.

As for the commitment and shard goals , in my working life , some of my colleges left their jobs due to lacking the involvment and shared vison within the organization and  there is no  commitment from the leader .

For integrity and honesty , some people may think that these are basic principles for doing things , however , it is also deniable that we might confront lots of  temptation  on the journey of leadership  . Hence , how to stand on these believes is crucial .

I am really glad about the definition of leadership ,  I think when I face the challenge or have any doubt about leadership in the future, it could remind me to stick to  this belief and follow the principles.

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