April 28, 2006

Death to Finals

Jesus H. Christ. I really should be tucked up in bed with my Horlicks shot by now. Instead, I'm chain smoking and drowning a bottle of the best pinotage Cocksucker's has to offer. Bollocks to it all, quite frankly.

April 20, 2006

Easter Egg Binge, W. B. Yeast

Just taking a quick one to escape Yeats essay hell. I'm sure the man was very interesting, but I can't find anything else to say about him and I've still got a thousand words to write. KILL ME NOW. Any ideas? (That's ideas about Yeats, not suicide, by the way.)

Why the HELL am I so interested in the Easter Rising? My Irish obsession has gone too far apparently. Just watch out for me singing Danny Boy….Sick.

All I Do Each Night is Pray…

Sick! Take That are on performing on Radio 1. Chris Moyles' backing vocals are truly comedy though. Can't BELIEVE it's been ten years since they split. Feel like old git.

Having tasty lunch before i launch into essay drive again. Hoping I'll crack it today, then can get on with FassBENDER.

I LOVE this song. Kooks, 'Naive'. Listened to it in the pub yesterday in Brum at the Berlin reunion. Can't wait for Berlin and Amsterdam holiday – hoping for some comedy moments to top the Dumb Waiter incident in Gay Paris.

Final Fling queueing system is shite. Don't know why they don't do it like Reading etc and jam the an internet site – at least then we could stay chained to our desks working.

Well, well, quick read of the Big Issue, then back to the grind. Seeya freedom.

April 18, 2006

Work Can Fuck RIGHT OFF

Finally got exam timetable today and am SO GLAD this shit'll all be over in just over four weeks-and then these past four years of uni will be behind me. SEEYA!!!!

I guess I'll miss it, but only in the kind of way you mis something because you romanticise it. Like Ian. (Why is Daniel Powter allowed to live???) No, I'll miss people here, Leila, Kat (my smoking buddy!), Lou, Alicia, Lauren – sorry if I haven't mentioned you, you can whip me later! Ooh-er….

It's nice to be chilling now, smoking, avoiding work, after my nightmare journey. Who the FUCK invented motorways? Answers on a postcard please.

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