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September 30, 2010

More Reflections!

I've been doing more thinking, a lot of thinking.....about school life, and such.

And after reflecting on my school life, and how it felt to be me, and how i remember me....I remember a boy in my form class. And this boy had no friends. People were nasty to him on a daily basis......calling him horrid names, and telling him he smelt.....I remember on my first day being told about this boy, he had a medical condition so I was told that meant things like that were not actually his fault. Yet still the kids, everyday, made his life miserable.

And I suddenly thought, I was just as bad as them.....I didn't do anything about it, I was never horrible to him or joined in the mean names, but I never bothered to speak to him......through sheer fear I think, of being rejected even more so.....What would you do if you were in that position as a teacher, seeing someone being treated like this? I just don't know....and felt really bad!

Now on a different note......time keeping, this has been flagged up seriously on my course, I don't think we have had one lecture end when it should (well thats a lie, we finished early once, as we decided not to have a long break). And I know things over run sometimes, and its never by much, but it has made me realise that timekeeping is hard and I will really have to think about it! and I feel as if though I'm just constantly being spoken at!  3 hour lectures are killing me! I find it hard to sit still and listen for an hour let alone 3!!!!! Hopefully I will remember to time keep and be aware of it......its not a bad thing, but i think consistent bad time keeping will start to grate my students!

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