September 30, 2010

More Reflections!

I've been doing more thinking, a lot of thinking.....about school life, and such.

And after reflecting on my school life, and how it felt to be me, and how i remember me....I remember a boy in my form class. And this boy had no friends. People were nasty to him on a daily basis......calling him horrid names, and telling him he smelt.....I remember on my first day being told about this boy, he had a medical condition so I was told that meant things like that were not actually his fault. Yet still the kids, everyday, made his life miserable.

And I suddenly thought, I was just as bad as them.....I didn't do anything about it, I was never horrible to him or joined in the mean names, but I never bothered to speak to him......through sheer fear I think, of being rejected even more so.....What would you do if you were in that position as a teacher, seeing someone being treated like this? I just don't know....and felt really bad!

Now on a different note......time keeping, this has been flagged up seriously on my course, I don't think we have had one lecture end when it should (well thats a lie, we finished early once, as we decided not to have a long break). And I know things over run sometimes, and its never by much, but it has made me realise that timekeeping is hard and I will really have to think about it! and I feel as if though I'm just constantly being spoken at!  3 hour lectures are killing me! I find it hard to sit still and listen for an hour let alone 3!!!!! Hopefully I will remember to time keep and be aware of it......its not a bad thing, but i think consistent bad time keeping will start to grate my students!

September 29, 2010

Childhood Inspirations

So today, in core sessions....

It seems so far in core, both weeks have made me really reflect on why I'm being a teacher, and why I even chose the subject I did.

I had a pretty horrific time at school, and kept it to myself, I think to this day my family doesn't know the extent of what those people from that school made me feel. I was moved from my first secondary school for the same reasons, as well as the fact we didn't learn there, as the teachers had given up. I didn't want to be the new kid again.  There is stuff I did, that I wont get into here really, but looking back..... I didnt want to be at school, but always did well in my exams and classwork. But I was reluctant to do homework, take part in anything, especially P.E. I gave up my one true love of singing at that school, I wouldn't take part in anything that would make me stand out more that I already did. I was quite at school and argumentative at home, I just remember hating everyone. And crying a lot, alone in my room. I had a few friends at school (of which I'm still in touch with ONE!)

I'm sure if you speak to my teachers, they don't remember me like this....but I was intelligent, so I think a lot of the time it goes unnoticed, i got very good at pretending everything was fine.....but I remember always being well behaved for science teachers, and my maths teacher Mr.Winchcombe, who I give sole credit for the strong person I am today.

My biology and chemistry teachers Dr. Chamber and Mr Davis (RIP) we're amazing. They inspired me to not be afraid to be intelligent and enjoy my subject, and I wanted to please them so much. Mr.W was amazing with my problems, the kids got worse and 6th form they loved the fact I was different, I dressed differently, I spoke differently, I was clever, I listened to different music. And I remember just feeling so low and depressed and dreaded going in. 

But Mr. D and Mr. W just seemed to make everything better. Mr. D loved his subject....a love which he passed on to me, hence my reason for becoming a chemist. And Mr. W just had such a fantastic attitude, and was my favorite teacher, we had a special relationship, he was like a friend and mentor as well as a teacher. And its these people combined that have prompted me to be a teacher. And if I can be half the teacher these guys are....I will know I'm doing my job right. I just hope I can be even half the teachers they were! And inspire young people to pursue what they love, and not be afraid to be themselves and to never stop climbing to be all that they can be!

This ones for you Mr. D, I hope I've made you proud!

September 27, 2010

First week at Warwick

So, this is my first blog!

As you can imagine there isn't really too much going on at the moment!

First week went very well, although I did find it a bit of an information overload, and was shattered by the end of the week! I don't think there had been too much I've done, which I didn't have an idea or vague idea about before hand. Although, I've learnt a lot about lesson outcomes today, which is nice! I've seen that teaching organisation styles, as in lesson plans etc are all about personal preference, and possibly a little OCD-ish sometimes, this is something which I'm not convinced about, but I'm sure come the time I am actually teaching I will totally realise the purpose of mirco planning!

So far everyone is really nice, and I've made some cracking friends already! I just find it odd that everyone is talking like we've known each other for months rather than days! 

All I know is, I really just want to get stuck in now! And I'm bursting to find out where my pp1 placement is! Its driving me insane! Just over a week to go though! woooo

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