December 06, 2006

group meeting

Group meeting canceled as no one had done their parts for the powerpoint presentation due to lab reports…. which reminds me… print graphs….

December 04, 2006

team meeting again

04/12/2006 10:10

meeting in chemistry computer room. Everyone present. Far too much information, so cut down to 3 slides each. Hopefully this will be short enough. Everyone to do there own section of powerpoint presentation. Slides to be kept plain so colour scheme can be added later.

meet again 11:00 wednesday.

meeting ends to watch simon play online poker at 10:26

November 30, 2006

key skills meeting 2…

30/11/2006 12:03

Meeting on Tuesday canceled due to lack of attendance.

Today’s meeting held in Chemstry computer room. Everyone bought with them their research.

Gary appointed Team Leader by landslide majority vote.

Amy – Introduction
Gary + Nick – General information
Collete – Researched Sharples and general information.

Research was pooled on Gary’s username and powerpoint presentation was started. Discussion on how presentation would be presented. It was decided to untill all the information had arrived and then one powerpoint presentation would be done as a group. During the presentation each person would have a few slides each to talk about.

Nick did mechanisms on ISIS Draw, they are very impressive!

Next meeting scheduled to Monday 10am…
Collete to email a reminder.
Meeting finished 12:59

People at meeting: Gary, Collette, Nick, Amy

Not here: Simon, Matt, Feng

Meeting finished -

November 21, 2006

key skills meeting 21/11/2006 13:15

the group met up to discuss the research project. after much debate as to whether or not to go to battered we ended up in the chemistry computer room to do some research.

research homework was given out and email addresses were swapped in order to hold group meetings online so work could be done at home. another meeting was resheduled for next week to discuss research and start presentation.

people at meeting: matt, simon, collette, nick, gary, amy

Feng did not appear…

meeting ended 21/11/2006 13:45

October 25, 2006

team building year 2

well i did team building last year, seemed i was a reflector. again this year we were made to do it, and once again i am a reflector… just thought i’d keep ya posted. in case… you know… you wondered.

man i hate lab reports… dint ever become a chemist, do an art subject, they have like no lectures or work or anything!

September 27, 2005

My Learning Style

Writing about web page

Aim of the Learning Styles activity
  • To enable you to understand your own approach to learning better
  • To adapt your learning strategy to be most effective during your time as a student at Warwick.
  • I had a moderate preference for being an Activist
  • I had a strong preference for being a Reflector
  • I had a moderate preference for being a Theorist
  • I had a strong preference for being a Pragmatist

My strongest preference was found to be: Reflector (80%)

This Learning Styles activity was devised by Warwick Skills

More Learning Styles Web links…

Based on the answers to the questionnaire:
 You have a moderate preference for being an Activist
 You have a strong preference for being a Reflector
 You have a moderate preference for being a Theorist
 You have a strong preference for being a Pragmatist
Your strongest preference was found to be: Reflector (80%).

So I’m a reflector. Sounds like me, especially the dislike of time tables and the inability to make decisions quickly. I can’t help but wonder how this helps me achieve anything though. I did a similar style test at high school, where it was decided that I was a visual learner, and using that knowledge, I created visual learning aids to help me through my course. Worked wonders for me! But I’m pretty sure if I hand a piece of work in late, my lecturer wont buy the whole, “sorry but I was reflecting…” excuse. It is interesting to know, and also to know that I am not totally round the bend, but I’d like to be able to put this to practical use.

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