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March 19, 2017

Team work in decision making

Working in groups might not be everyone's piece of cake as not everyone is good at working in teams. Even though everyone is familiar with each other and our working style, disagreements has raised. This resembles working in real life where not everyone of us approach problems similarly. Some of us were jumping into decision making tools right away while others wanted to design a structured approach through data collection. Coming to an agreement on selecting one approach was not easy , therefore both teams were divided into smaller teams working in both paths. While this could be time saving , it lacking the sense of team work. On the other hand , coming up with a timeline that visualized the case was one of the decisions we all successfully agreed on. This has lead to identifying the wrongful data that was given to us. This again , is most of the real life example where we are faced with incomplete and wrong data. In my point of view, I think we would need to do further reflection on the day before the presentation when all decisions were finalized as in this stage not all team decisions are linked together.

March 15, 2017

Robust decision making

I have always thought that I am a very analytical person who questions everything before making a decision but when we started doing the judgment exercise I was blown away. . After the second lecture, I started questioning my ability to take non-subjective decisions.We always tend to treat the data and information that we receive subjectively. We may focus on some aspects more than the others. For example, focusing on the productivity output on how much did we produce today instead of why.Furthermore, understanding the process of decision making and the difference, variance and complexity of a decision would enable me in the future to try to work on system two decisions instead of relying on system one. Even though the decision tools were overwhelming I am looking forward to apply them for next week's presentation.

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