May 26, 2005

Musical meme

My Music Top 20 (if anyone is in the remotest bit interested). I originally wanted to compile a Top 10 but, realising the sheer impossibility of such a task resigned myself to a score. I doubt that this list, roughly in ascending order of preference, is 100% reflective of my musical preferences, and no doubt I shall be editing it somewhat… every time I play a CD hereafter ;-). Nevertheless, I think it is fairly representative of my personal favourites and what they mean to me:

*Adagio from the String Quintet in C, Franz Schubert (in my opinion the most sublime piece of music ever written. Indispensable for summer walks in the English countryside)

*Set Me Free, Chris Rea (awe inspiring; will give me a boost however low I am feeling)

*Pavane pour une Infante Défunte, Maurice Ravel (poignant; for those times when one must resign oneself mournfully to fate)

*Libera me and In Paradisium from the Requiem, Gabriel Fauré (respectively powerful and serene; the fusion of Night on a Bald Mountain by Modest Musgorsky and Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria at the end of Disney’s Fantasia achieves this equally well)

*La Mer, Claude Debussy (veritably a symphonic poem)

*Brünnhilde’s Immolation from Götterdammerung (sung version) from the Nibelungen Ring Cycle, Richard Wagner (a more than adequate substitute for sex)

*Adagietto from Symphony No. 5, Gustav Mahler (ultra Romantic)

*The theme tune from the ‘Inspector Morse’ TV series, Barrington Pheloung (am a Morse fanatic)

*Overture from The Magic Flute, W.A. Mozart (I imagine this would be great for driving to down country lanes, with one’s foot on the accelerator)

*Nocture no. – (will add the no. once I’ve tracked it down), Frederick Chopin (nostalgia for Poland)

*Come Rain or Shine, Frank Sinatra (What will be rushing through my mind the first time I French kiss in the rain)

*Adagio from Spartacus, Aram Khachaturian (Perfectly depicts a ship at full mast on the high seas – as the producers of the ‘Onedon Line’ series must have realised; to me it also invokes positive Victorian values)

*The Beyondness of Things, John Barry (vast expanses)

*Tapiola, Jean Sibelius (the beauty of the Tundra)

*Nocturnes, Claude Debussy (Secessionism in music)

*The Whale, Electric Light Orchestra (urban, industrialised England)

*The Weekend, Michael Grey (clubbing)

*Adagio in G Minor for Strings and Organ, Thomaso Albioni (an absolute must for my funeral)

*Simply The Best, Tina Turner (the most uplifting music ever)

*True, Spandau Ballet (for the camp moments inherent in every gay man’s life)

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  1. v. good choices and all. but my god, u must expand ur horizons beyond soundtrack and pop classical pieces everyone knows. thrs a whole world of titulating classical pieces. my fave being the moldau by smetana. and dear god… how cud u rank whale over mr blue sky? a traversty

    nvrthless some v.gud choices, some nice camp classics, my fave 'gay' song (which altho not gay, i always seem to hear techno remixes of it) has to be 'she drives me crazy' by those 'fine young cannibals'. x

    26 May 2005, 05:55

  2. I admit, I listen to soundtrack far too much: but I find it tends to have a calming, reassuring effect on me (necessary for those who are prone to lapse into mania from time to time). Smetna, Moldau – interesting – your're not the first person I've come across to have cited this as their all time classical favourite (to me this evokes spring time in the mountains and a film dating from 1980 about Archbishop Romero.) ELO - well I like many of their pieces, but thought it would be cheating if I put 'the collected works of ELO.' 'She dirves me crazy' – I can't hear this in my mind at the moment but I'm sure if I heard it from an exterior source I would recognise it!

    26 May 2005, 11:17

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