May 10, 2005

30 raisons pour detester les francais/ My Year In Merde

I apologise for and disclaim responsibility for any offence I may herebelow inadvertantly and unintentionally cause to French or Francophone visitors to my weblog.

I could just as easily produce a longer list of things that I like about the French but it wouldn't be so funny.

'My Year in Merde' is a reference to a recently published book in the UK. Over the last academic year I have been studying in Lille, Nord (59) and my observations are for the most part first hand experiences. They may therefore not necessary be reflective of France as a whole.

1 Smoking is a national pastime (cigarette manufacturing was once a state monopoly – quelle surprise!)
2 Their streets are paved with dog turd (in England we have what is known as le 'pooper scooper')
3 Their streets are lined with beggars (this rather whiffs of social problems/ industrial apathy, doesn't it, Monsieur le Ministre de l'Interior?)
4 They speak French
5 They have a habit of meaning what they don't say and saying what they don't mean – rather like women (sorry girls)
6 No one gives a frigging centime for anyone else
7 The state or 'l'administration' has its own courts, police and legal rules, which I have to learn :-(
8 They overwhelmingly drive Pergeots, Citroens and Renaults and buy French – whatever happended to the Internal Market and the Free Movement of Goods?
9 Generally speaking they effortlessly look stylish, slim and tanned
10 Their economy is about as stagnant as a cess pool – job security is very high meaning that the incompetent remain employed while the newly qualified remain out of work
11 They are obsessed with sex and the body image
12 They drive on the wrong side of the road
13 They cannot pronounce 'h' – eg. 'Ello 'Ello
14 They cite the separation of church and state as a motivation for religious intolerance – the banning of muslim chadars and Jewish kippas in state schools etc.
15 Their mobile phone companies enjoy charging hidden fees 'hors forfait'
16 Despite being president for 10 years Jacques Chirac still regularly puts his foot in his mouth at international conventions
17 VAT stands at 19.6%
18 Unemployment at around 11%
19 In order to terminate a contract you are obliged, by law, to send a letter by registered post to the other contracting party (no wonder La Poste has managed to stay afloat – in contrast with Royal Mail)
20 Cheddar cheese is not available
21 Baked beans are not available
22 Disgestive biscuits are not available
23 Blue tac is not obtainable (got bored with 'available')
24 Students write on graph paper – lined paper is not obtainable
25 You could be forgiven for thinking that their gyms haven't received investment since the 1980s
26 Holding protest marches and strikes is a national past time
27 They are going to vote 'no' to the EU Constitution (despite having created the EU themselves 50 years ago – Jean Monnet, French foreign minister, long dead white man, remember him?)
28 Their formalism can be OTT (my lecture note print outs are headed 'Madame le Professeur…') Documents have to be stamped and you can't simply sign and date a contract – you have to state where it was signed and write out 'read and approved' as well
29 They get away with having substantial 'overseas departments' – French Guyana; Guadaloupe; Martinique etc. while the British are still labelled internationally in certain quarters as colonialist pigs.
30 They think they are internationally significant – to be fair they do have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, rather like the British.

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  1. I loved the book. Anyone who studies Freench or spends time living in France should read it.

    11 May 2005, 09:38

  2. Marie Dumond

    It's so sad people like you feel this way about France! A lot of what you say is true, but unfortunately, you forgot to give 30 reasons why you should like France, because after all, we are internationally significant, and yes, English language is too invasive and will unfortuantely never be as poetic and stylish as French!
    In a global context where everyone hates each other and kills each other in the name of fanatism and mindless intolerance, i think we should try to promote international relationships instead of stabbing each other in the back! We claim our democracies are civilized…it seems millions of years of history have not been yet enough to teach us what is awfully wrong with this world: the narrow-mindedness and blindness of vain human beings…

    30 Jul 2005, 11:13

  3. Look, Marie, you French fucker (because this is all the French do – they have fucking on the brain, and they even admit it) if you'd bothered to read my entry you would have read that I could just as easily have come up with a longer list of reasons to like France. Besides which, if my comment had conformed to your avowed polite and pacific aspirations for the world it most likely wouldn't have provoked a response from you, which is a primary motivation for writing blogs – attention seeking. Moreover if nations/ societies/ cultures fail to point out the shortcomings of their counterparts (bearing in mind that shortcomings are more evident to the objective bystander than to their author) we will all lose a golden opportunity to improve ourselves, to grow. Of course no one likes being criticised – but its good for you, darhling. And I'm hardly being intolerant – I had to put up with you bastards for a whole year!

    30 Jul 2005, 12:25

  4. I agree about the French language being more poetic and stylish than English, however. Assuming you are a genuine frog, I will also concede that certain aspects of French cuisine are unparralleled. Particularly the produce of boulangeries and patisseries, your wines and your cheeses. France herself is manifique, its just a shame about the people who inhabit her.

    30 Jul 2005, 12:37

  5. Marie

    alright, calm down you fucking piece of roastbeef!!! i didn't mean to hurt your fragile feelings!!!english people, so easily offended! :)
    no, my point was that i always find it a shame when people hate on each other, because it is simply the truth that it's not the way to a better world…!Now everyone has the right to like or not another country or another culture…but you're right on one thing, we are very different people, and French people can be extremely difficult to live with sometimes (strikes—i'd ban that right in France—, extreme socialism and lazy public service employees…) i know that myself, see! But there are other people in France who are good all the same, but i guess they belong to your secret list of 30 and over reasons to like France!
    Anyways, my point was that yes, there is always room for perfection in the world, because we are soooo far from reaching that goal, and besides, i don't believe in perfection, so we can always work on it! And i do believe in peace and words of understanding, now take it or leave it! England's not perfect fact, i often wish it didn't exist, but you see, my boyfriend's English and i try to make an effort everyday to overcome the few things about his country i don't like!Just because i love him!
    i simply wish you had a better experience in France….What can i do? And who is responsible for that? Maybe us, maybe you? i think BOTH, because i think that indeed, never the deux shall meet! :)

    01 Aug 2005, 10:49

  6. Marie

    if you should like a list of my reasons why i like/ dislike England, i can do that! just in case you'd be interested…it would be nice to understand why we are so different and in what ways…
    just an idea…a French idea..might not be the best one eh ;)

    01 Aug 2005, 10:52

  7. Marie Dumond

    and yes, we have fucking on the brain…but what's wrong with that, eh? Do what makes you happy! Life's wayyyyyyyyyy too short! it doesn't mean we are a bunch of sluts or pimps (there are pimps and sluts everywhere), but that we are free people…don't know if it helps much…hhhmmm…let's say we like it! And then if you like it, do it! As simple as pie! :D

    01 Aug 2005, 11:04

  8. Excuses ma sensitivite – je suis pede. Je dirai que tu sais bien que je n'ai pas vraiement de la haine, en aucune forme, contre les francais. En fait afin de montrer mon respect pour la langue de Moliere, ma chere Marie, je l'abuserai avec ce reponse ;-)... Voila, tu prouves ce que j'ai ecrit: les francais admettent qu'ils aiment etre baisses [d'ou Baisse Moi, forcement venant de la cinematographie francaise]. Ton raisonnement, typiquement francais et partage de plus en plus parmi les anglais de ma generation, je trouves un peu inquietant. On est bien libre, presqu'egalement sur ma cote de la Manche que la tienne [bien que je ne pretends guere qu'on habite une societe ni egale ni fratenelle] mais, d'apres moi dans une societie heureuse, voir une societe veritablement progressive on ne peut pas faire que ce qu'on veut et ignorer l'autre personne. Peut etre j'ai des idees un peu demodees mais je me sens mieux apres avoir fait des sacrifices, voire entre dans des engagements de longue duree, voire amoureuses, que de jouer l'egoist. Puis la vie n'est pas necessairement si courte tu sais – des moms agreables rares, mais significatifs – les produits d'effort – ne vaut-ils beaucoup mieux, ne comptent-ils en plus? En anglais on dit 'les bonnes choses viennent aux ceux qui attendent'... les jouers en rugby disent 'pas de jeu sans le douleur'... Mais ces sentiments sont peut etre plus personels que nationals… que sais-je?... Oui, j'aimerais beaucoup lire ta liste des plaintes contre moi et mes concitoyens britanniques. Avec plaisir! Derniere question – tu es etudiante a Warwick?

    01 Aug 2005, 19:03

  9. Marie

    merci beaucoup de ta réponse en français, j'apprécie énormément!!!Now don' t get me wrong, i believe Love is the most intense and beautiful state, feeling, emotion there is and for me, there is no "etre baisée" but rather "making love". I have to admit that i got a little carried away in my previous message, as i do find it very worrying that so many young people have and enjoy sex just for the sake of it, without understanding the true meaning behind this act. it's just that so many Americans (i've lived there for a year) have been nagging at me about France and its dirty sex that sometimes, and unfortunately, being aggressive is the last option there is…i hope you'll forgive me for that…As for my list, i'm working on it, and i will make sure to be fair with old England! :)
    And to answer your question, i'm not a student in Warwick, even though i wish i were! I'd give anything to flee the French rotten Education system, as it is not very fun…
    so tell me, did you stay with a family in Lille, or did you have your on room on campus? (i grew up in tourcoing, and used to go to lille every saturday when i was little). What fun/new things did you do while in lille?
    Well, be on the look out for the most excellent list there is (eheh) and until then, i hope you have a good one!

    01 Aug 2005, 21:53

  10. Sois aggressive si tu veux! Il faut qu je dise que mon attitude vis a vis l'importance de l'amour et les rapports significatifs vient de ma sexualite. J'ai mare de de la superficie de les bars et les discotheques gays et j'aimerais tellement trouver quelqu'un qui voudrait, comme moi s'engager, mais il m'est evident que la plupart des mecs homos sont soit trop egoists soit ils ont trop de peur et preferent la seperation entre l'amour emotionel et l'amour physique. Peut etre je dois attendre quelques annees.
    A Lille j'etudais au fac de droit a Moulins, mais j'habitais Vieux Lille dans un appart studio prive (c'etait genial!) Je vais en parler plus, je promis mais il faut que j'y vais maintenant (je suis dans une bibliotheque).

    02 Aug 2005, 18:25

  11. Marie

    Je comprends tout à fait ce que tu ressens à propos des boites/bars gays, et j'avais un ami dans le meme cas que toi, mais à force de patience,il a reussi à trouver le garçon qui lui convenait! alors dis-toi que tout est possible! :)
    Now…my list! TATATATA!!!
    My reasons why I don't like England and the English: (no offense to anyone, this list is just meant to help understand our differences. Now, I want to stress the fact that i RESPECT DIFFERENCES, and that i understand and accept that ALL CULTURES ARE UNIQUE, with their own sets of customs and habits and values, and that i am not judging you in any ways….and i'm glad we are not all the same on this small planet, because life would be awfully dull…)

    – Anglo-saxon supremacy over the world, that is, language, culture, TV,

    books, arts, sports…
    FOOD! I believe there is nothing worse than the English food, even

    though, one can't deny that they are improving…but you still have a

    LOOONG way to go!
    -English language : sooo difficult to learn…how many words beginning

    with an S do you freaking have?!
    -The hooligans…no comment.
    – Beer addiction: come on, you say we are a bunch of alcoholics with our

    wine, but look at you…
    – the English Discipline
    – Tea time!!!! "maybe you should come over at tea time, it would be a

    good occasion to get to know each other…"
    -Anglicanism…what kind of weird religion is that?
    – English colonialism
    -Your always defeating France…argh!!!!
    -Your burning Jeanne d'Arc! morons…@
    -The weather: do you know what the words sun and warmth mean?!
    -The spice girls…do you have more slutty?
    -English girls…no comment.
    -English beef: there's no fucking way you're ever gonna feed me your sick cows!
    -Tony Blair and his commons…bastards!!!
    – the English accents…sorry, i prefer the Americans.
    -England in Europe: WHAT THE HELL????!!! you gotta be kidding us! DeGaulle was right, we should never have accepted England in Europe…you're just a bunch of treators trading with America.You only seek your own interests, and tell me one thing: what about the Euro? Why are you still paying in Pounds? does it sound very European to you to do that? nevermind eh…
    -The conflict with Ireland…very sad so many people dies for nothing really.
    -English hypocrisy…
    -Northern England…too gloomy.
    -And last but NONE least, their hate against the French! How dare you!

    What i like about England (oh God, it's killing me…)
    – My baby (but, that's just a very personal point)
    -pudding…yes, i admit it :s
    -the English Discipline…it proved efficient after all.
    -the English life style…you seem to be a little less narrow-minded than the French…except with the French of course!
    -David Beckham: that is one hot English man!
    -Red heads!!! YES! :D
    -English pop rock bands.
    -The guy from Placebo…he is way cool!
    -your little villages, they are cute.
    – custard
    -English literature…i can't deny it. you have some great authors!

    not sure:
    -the royal family: it's nice just to read the latest gossips on x,y, z but they are way too lazy for me and all they seem to be able to do is to parade in super expensive clothes. But at the same time, i'm not the one paying for them in my taxes. Good thing the princes are good looking, but i still don't understand why so many English women are obsessed with them…it must be hard for those two guys, they can never be sure if they are loved for their money/title or for what they are…

    i think that's all for now, but i'm sure i'll come up with something else in two mintues…there are so many reasons why i don't like England and the English, while liking them at the same time!!!
    we call it: Je t'aime moi non plus…

    03 Aug 2005, 11:39

  12. C'est vachement interessant lire ta liste! Pour repondre aux stereotypes:

    – Globish 'English' – i.e. basic English with a vocabulary of about 100 words is admittedly dominant and the consumerism associated with anglo saxon countries and globalisation indeed supreme. I hasten to add, however, that English, or rather BRITISH culture is a self contained island!...

    04 Aug 2005, 22:01

  13. – English food has a bad reputation, but there are so many great Englsh recipes – to begin with roast beef ;-) with crispy roast potatoes, and British vegetables that you don't traditionally get in France like leeks; our variety of beers – (though I hate beer myself); our fine range of apples; our great hard cheeses (chedder, red Leicester, Wensleydale etc.), the full English breakfast – and especially crispy bacon and pork sausages; Cornish pasties… I can go on. French bread is unbeatable, though, it HAS to be said.

    -Having attempted to regard the English language objectively I do concur with your opinion that it is a difficult language for a foreign language speaker to learn, bearing in mind of all our irregular past participles (see – saw; think – thought; understand – understood, and so forth); our compound verbs (get out, take on; help out, and so forth); and seemingly infinite variations on our imperfect tenses (was walking, has been walking, would have been walking, will have been walking and so forth).

    – English hooligans – shudddder!

    – Beer addiction. Indeed: the bare word 'binge drinking' makes me want to throw up. This is the fault of boredom among young people. The French deal with it by being sexually promiscuous, whereas the English just get drunk :-P

    – Tea drinking is our heritage, what can I say! With cow's juice, bien sur.. a l'anglaise.

    04 Aug 2005, 22:02

  14. -English discipline? This is how we win wars, and learn to comport ourselves with honour, modesty and dignity, my dear. And uniforms – this really accentuates our pride in belonging to groups. The French education system really could learn a lesson or two from British school uniforms. Pun intended.

    -Personally, I am not an Anglican but a Catholic. How can one support a religion that was created just so that King Henry the Eight could tie the knot six times.

    -English colonialism: French colonialism (France's empire in the 19th century was the second largest in the world)

    -We're not ALWAYS defeating France. You're just jealous because recently London was chosen to host the 2012 J.O.

    -Sorry about Joan of Arc but she would have done the same to us, given half the chance

    -The Spice girls… hmm, I agree, almost as bad as Britney Spears (I prefer Britanny's Brest, if yo catch my North Atlantic drift)

    -The weather: l'effet de serre – we have a burgeoning wine industry in the vinyards of Cornwall, you know.

    -The French keep in shape much better than the English, but then they are pressurised to because of the stiff competition – since everyone wants to go to bed with everyone else :-P I imagine that smoking helps the French supress their nutritional cravings. Pun intended.

    -England's allegiance to Europe may not be unconditional and monogamic but at least we're honest about it. At least we don't try to dominate the EU like France does. And stop defending the CAP just because you like going for long randonnees in your pittoresque countryside.

    Mad cow disease… hmm – I can count the number of people who definitely died of Creuzfelt Jacob's Disease as a result of eating infected beef on one hand.

    -The English accent – well I adore them, that's not to say just my own, but the wonderful spectrum of accents and dialects England can boast of: West country, Liverpudlian, Geordie, and across the borders, Welsh and Scottish. At least here we take pride in our regional intonations, unlike in France, where regional accents are rarely heard in the audible media.

    -The great British pound. Actually we should never have introduced decimalisation and metric conversion for that matter, that would have kept those nefarious foreigners confused. 144 pence in a pound, 3 feet in a yard, 8 pints in a gallon, etc. Actually, I don't agree, I'm just being provocative.

    Ireland – well yu can blame all the troubles on William of Orange. Of course Northern Ireland should be part of the Irish Republic – it maks sense. Well, things are looking up – the Government of Northern Ireland Act 1998 gives the people of N. Ireland the right to decide by plebscite whether they wish to remain a part of the UK.

    Northern England is gloomy and the people are rude and self-righteous in temperment, but I come from London, and I'm proud to aver that my accent is atune to a 1950's British news caster)

    Anyway, gross bises

    (PS the average British taxpayer pays 35 PENCE annually for the upkeep of the Royal family – and they are indispensable for our tourist industry. And if we became a Republic, who do you think would live in Buck Palace??... [i.e. the President])

    04 Aug 2005, 22:03

  15. marie

    i like you way you tried to explain everything i mentioned about England…....what do you think about old Tony Blair though?...i don't know, maybe i'm biased…;)
    i have one more thing to say, YOU drive on the wrong side of the road!
    So, you claim that WE only want to rule Europe?!!! poor dear, come out of your little world….ahahah!!! so funny!
    as for the royal family, my grandma's a fan, so i guess i was brought having a liking to it, even though i'm profoundly anti-monarchy….excpet if i am the queen of course :D
    i have a plan to make this world a better place, but the trick is to not fall into tyrany…so i don't know…i just dream of great changes, trying to do my part to help this world improving everyday! i believe in picking up at least one piece of rubbish everyday, and if everyone does the same, then, it's all good!
    but what am i talking about? how is my protecting the environment related in any way to the franco-english conflict?
    there's so many things i don't like and at the same time, as many that i like, whether it be in my country or in yours, or in the rest of the world…....that i don't know what to say! and yes, France should have won their bid for the olympics, but i guess that honesty doesn't help to win…maybe next time eh? there's always a next time…:)
    did you hear the news? Zidane's back on our team!!!!rock on world, the french are back!

    04 Aug 2005, 23:40

  16. marie

    sorry, it's a bit late and i've been looking after kids all day long..i wanted to say, i like the way, not you way….my bad…

    04 Aug 2005, 23:41

  17. marie

    and "i was brought up". sorry, i love perfection, like i said before, even though i don't believe in it!!! i just don't want to massacre your so pure language!
    yeah, 'cuz maybe i forgot to tell, but my major is English (dark side of the force hehe…no but it's to better know the enemy and to better be ready to counter-attack;) and my minor is spanish…
    gotta go!
    byee :)

    04 Aug 2005, 23:45

  18. You win on this one: how can I say that driving on the right side of the road is wrong?!...

    Brought up – I knew what you meant and no worries – in fact, assuming you are not pathological about it, being a pedant brings you kudos…

    Protecting the environment is cool. Actually, I vote Green Party…

    I'm even worse – no entiendo español…

    Must figuratively fly…


    05 Aug 2005, 17:39

  19. marie

    hey brit! i have a question: comment as-tu trouvé la situation et l'accueil fait aux gays en France? est-ce très différent de l'angleterre? est-ce pire? mieux? différent?
    ca m'interesserait de savoir!!!
    thanks a lot mate!

    07 Aug 2005, 20:42

  20. J'imagine que la situation et l'accueil fait aux gays en France est presque la meme qu'en Angleterre… peut etre historiquement la France etait plus tolerante et liberale (l'homosexualite n'etait pas penalise dans le code Napoleon; par contre en Angleterre entre 1883 et 1967 tout forme de contact sexual entre des hommes etait un delit grave) mais ajourd'hui il faut dire c'est pareil. Enfin a Lille se trouve la deuxieme plus grande communaute des gays en France (apres Paris) et moi, dans le vieux Lille, j'habitais au centre de cette communaute. Il y avait peut etre 6 bars gays, une librarie gay, des magasins de vetements gays tout dans un radius de 200m de chez moi. Les couples des garcons, des mecs et des femmes lesbiennes tenaient les mains pas seulement les samedis soirs mais meme pendant la pleine journee. Puis il y avait des boites et des saunas gays a Lille… Mais bien sur l'experiences que j'ai eu n'etaient pas representatives du pays entier. Pareil avec l'Angleterre. J'avais des experiences a l'universite mais dans mon quartier de Londres il n'y a presque rien pour nous – il y a un bar pas loin de chez moi qui s'est ouvert il y a quelques annees que j'ai decouvert recemment.

    Je t'en prie,

    08 Aug 2005, 18:34

  21. marie

    thanks ;) that's very interesting indeed! and how do you consider the English position toward the US and toward Europe, who do you feel closer to? answer whenever you feel like it, there's no hurry!

    11 Aug 2005, 19:52

  22. ok, frog… I'll take my time, think about it and get back to you.

    12 Aug 2005, 11:34

  23. I feel more British than I feel continental European, and in turn more English than I feel British, but I certainly do not feel allied to North America, except perhaps linguistically – loosely speaking – and through the ubiquitous medium of the global market which the US, needless to say, spearheads. I feel as equally European (in its extra-continental, hollistic conception) as I feel British, however. My father was born in Poland and my mother in England, though to Polish parents. Entry to the Polish language, culture and ultimately psyche allows me a second perspective on Europe that is probably the second level of a three level languages-dependent podium. The debatable third level of the podium provides me with an insight into the French mentality. At the end of the day France and the US are nice places to go on holiday and the US will always be there to safeguard our small island with the best investment stategies and marketing models in times of economic crises.

    13 Aug 2005, 18:39

  24. marie

    thanks roastbeef!!! so, your father is Polish? my grandfather was Polish, which makes my mum half polish, and myself only a quarter :) i know it's not much…in fact, my mum's going to Poland next month, it's a really big event in the family right now!
    well, other than that, i don't know what else to say..maybe you will read from me every now and then whenever I am angry at England for something they have done or said (hehe…should be sooner than later ;) and in fact, i've just watched a report on tv about david beckham , who is the world's best paid football player, and he is one hell of a hottie! which makes england not entirely bad ;)
    if you're mad at us frogs, don't hesitate, vent your frustration, it's always good to do so, and if you decide to come back to lille, let me know!
    bye for now,
    marie = aimer: let's love each other!(as if…)

    14 Aug 2005, 21:07

  25. Antoine

    Well, I have read everything here, frankly I feel devastated, I can't explain Why, even I 'm not able to punctualize in no sense my opinion, I wouldn't dare to add more destruction or "malheure". You are extremely talented to try wording and impresive speeches..I just will tell from my heart my really humble experience..Im sure I represent many persons. I come from a civilized occidental country european/ latin roots, I belong to this part of the society who makes vacations more than twice per year, speak many languages, and has dedicated most of his life to study, learn, work hard and take advantage of the opportunities in good/healthy manner. Im legal resident in France since 3 years, I came here for familiar reasons and attracted for the information I managed from my childhood. I live extremely confortable in comparison with the other french people, yes I live super good in material terms, but my family and me we have a low profile, simple and easy, well I never knew the suffering, never suffered problems, never knew the misery, but, since I live in this country my life changed completely. Nothing has gave me more sadness, hopeless and misery than France. I could tell you millions stories of desperation and incomprehension of this society, millions examples of arrogancy, insenssibility, indiference, unreasonable mind, tortured attitude, mean gesture, but doesn't worth, the only I can state is that- no matter your social-econopmical position, no matter your religion, your origins, no matter whatever you are-, France is only for French, is a monoculture country and its philosophy is ruin the life oh others. After 3 years, after millions of experience Im completely lost and ruined moraly, Im immigrant from the 2 years old, I have lived in more taht 5 countries in differents continents, and I never suffered this, now I'm addressing all my energies to abbandon this country…..this is not an insult for none, is my little experience, but… I have seen the devastation and hopeless in eyes of many frenchs either. Poor them, they are demmned, not me. Why French doesn't do something form themselve?

    09 Nov 2005, 13:26

  26. Lady

    Really the same feeling like Antoine , I really have a hard time to understand french mentality

    11 Dec 2005, 23:48

  27. Pierre de Broglie

    Cooommme down you guys, fighting for bullshit!!!
    English is different from french, that s all, there is no better!!, ok
    Now you are europeens, so act like like guys from the same country, not like clan s animals..
    OK, so vive la France, and ” God save the queen”.

    19 Dec 2006, 10:59

  28. tara

    just a quick question.. I have been living in France most of my life and am currently taking my Baccalaureat, next year I would like to leave this place I have called home for the past 17 years, that is Normandie, and have been looking into going to Lille to study Law, as an English lad, what are your thoughts about the Lillois life-style?? I am looking to have fun, but also get a good formation, merci d’avance !

    11 Jun 2007, 16:03

  29. a French

    Each region of France is very different. “be French” means nothing, people and culture are so different in the North, Britany, Alsace, the South West, etc… You were in the North region, it’s a hard and unhappy region, an old iron mine exploitation with much lower class working.

    12 Oct 2007, 19:31

  30. Raphael

    allez vous faire foutre! Je parle francais et je mange des beans quand même! Vive le Québec! Fuck la Reine! Fuck the Queen (I want you understand this last sentence, fuckers)

    13 Oct 2007, 17:57

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  • allez vous faire foutre! Je parle francais et je mange des beans quand même! Vive le Québec! Fuck la… by Raphael on this entry
  • Each region of France is very different. "be French" means nothing, people and culture are so differ… by a French on this entry
  • I'm 56 now and have been dating men since age 31. My longest relationship was with a woman–a noncoha… by Tan Gentile on this entry
  • I reached the conclusion a while ago that the gay scene devours people in a way which leaves them to… by Darryl on this entry
  • I have been in a long term relationship since the age of 16, i am now 36 and totally new to the gay … by Joe on this entry

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