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I always dreamed about having verduous William Morris wallpaper, but never thought I would be able to afford it… Lets be honest: blogs can be slightly pretentious can’t they? Rather like photographic family portraits in the late Victorian/ Edwardian era or indeed the personal web pages of nobodies today their authors, or subjects, depending on which way you look at it, are little more than proud individuals with little to be proud of. Anyway, I’m sure the first person to read this will criticise me unreservedly for my comment, especially if she or he is a blogger, but hey, let’s not forget the criticisms are just as much levelled against me – or perhaps I’m just speaking for myself?

Who am I? A European and English law LLB (hence undergraduate) student in the process of completing my ‘year out’ in Lille, France. Next year will be my final year (hopefully I’ll remember to update this!) Interests: I like reading things that I like to read; I play the violin – horrendously; I work out at the gym and go long distance running; I’m exclusively attracted to men – preferably blond, blue eyed, slim with bushy eyebrows and aquiline noses. Apart from that I’m really dull and characterless; corrigendum: I am dull and characterless. Oh yes, and I’m from Ealing, London and I speak French and Polish

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