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July 03, 2006

Random questions that everyone seems to be answering

How many keys are on your keychain?
Far too many

What curse word do you use the most?
Bloody hell

Do you own an iPod?
Nope, but I have a phone that does the trick instead.

What time is your alarm clock set for?
9am, though I don't get up till 10.

How many suitcases do you own?
One suffices.

Do you wear flip–flops even when it's cold outside?
No. Although I have been known to go barefoot outside when its cold.

Where do you buy your groceries from?
Wherever happens to be nearest to me at the time. Co–op is closest, although I used to work in Somerfield so sometimes go there.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Take the picture – it's so much more fun and it doesn't matter what I look like at the time.

What was the last movie you watched?
Can't remember, havent watched one in a while. But there's a few waiting to be seen on my laptop so maybe this afternoon…

Do any of your friends have children?
If they do then they havent told me about them.

If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?
Another lottery ticket.

Has anyone ever called you lazy?
I call myself lazy.

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?
Does alcohol count as medication?

What CD is currently in your CD player?
I don't do CDs – only ever bought 4 in my life. MP3s are the way forward.

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?

Has anyone told you a secret this week?
I'm not telling you. It's a secret.

When was the last time someone hit on you?
Too long ago.

What did you have for dinner?
Barbequed kebabs & chicken :)

Do you wear hoodies often?

Can you whistle?
No and it really bugs me cos I wish I could. Can anyone teach me please?

Have you ever participated in a protest?
A few Students Union ones, nothing personally motivated.

Who was the last person to call you?
Some salesperson trying to get me to swich phone contracts. I told him politely to piss off.

What is your favourite ride at an amusement park?
Anything that doesn't involve too many revolutions – but straight & fast works..

Do you think people talk about you behind your back?
I'm certain they do, and I'd love to know what they say cos it would probably help me know myself better.

What post code are you in right now?
BS10 6TH. Don't get too excited over it..

Did you watch cartoons as a child?
Now and then, who didn't?

How big is your local mall?
Cribbs Causeway Bristol is 10 mins away – so pretty big.

How many siblings do you have?
Just the one sister. I'd like to have had a brother, but it wasnt to be.

Are you shy around the opposite sex?
Sort of yeah unless I know them pretty well.

What is your biggest regret?
Not taking sport seriously enough when I was at school. I hated PE but now I wish I had put more effort in.

When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt?
I do it all the time. Laughter is the best medicine.

What film do you know every line to?
Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, cos its on tv like ALL THE TIME>

Do you own any band t–shirts?

When was your last plane ride?
Last summer when we went to Berlin.

How many chairs are at your dining room table?

Do you read for fun?
Of course.

Can you speak any languages other than English?
Blagged GCSE French but forgotten most of that now. The odd word of Punjabi. A bit of Latin. The odd word of spanish. But nothing fluent. Oh and I know sign language.

Do you do your own dishes?
I did at university but at home my parents have a dishwasher.

What colour is your bedroom painted?

Have you ever cried in public?
Not in public public.

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?
Laptop – and bought a new one being delivered today so will have two this evening!

Which do you make, wishes or plans?
Neither. Go with the flow.

Are you always trying to learn new things?
Always. Probably too much for my own good. Education somehow is what keeps me sane.

Do you shower on a daily basis?
Of course. Twice today in fact.

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Yeah i'm gonna have tattoos all over my face and boday and piercings in my ears, nose, lips, and various other locations as well. Not.

Do you believe that the guy should pay on the first date?
I would.

Can you skip rocks?
Never bothered.

Have you ever been to Jamaica?

What to snack on at the movie theatres?
Cinema snacks are too expensive – wait till after and go for a meal somewhere.

Who was your favourite teacher?
They were all special in their own ways.

Have you ever dated someone out of your race?

What is the weather like?

Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?
Never say never.

Do you have an online journal?
What's an online journal? Does this blog count?

What was your favourite class in high school?

Do you enjoy travelling via airplanes?
It's kinda fun isnt it.

What personality trait is a must–have in your preferred gender?
Too hard to single one out – it's a combination of traits that we base our preferences on.

Have you ever been attracted to someone physically unattractive?
If I was attracted to them then I wouldnt think they were physically unattractive, so no.

When was the last time you slept on the floor?
Do it all the time.

What is your favourite alcoholic drink?

Does your closest Starbucks have a drive–thru?
Don't know where my closest Starbucks is, although I know of a few around Bristol, none of which have drive thrus.

Do you like your living arrangement?
It works, can't ask for much more I suppose.

What is your mother's hometown?
Nairobi/Reading. Why do you want to know? How can you possibly judge me on the most peripheral of questions.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Eight, although I often lived off four whilst at university.

Do you eat breakfast daily?
When I have the time.

What was the last thing to scare you?
I'm not easily scared.

Are your days full and fast–paced?
I like them to be.

Did you ever get in trouble for talking in class?
Once. I was generally a good boy.

What is your favourite fruit?

Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?
Who gives a shit. I'm gonna eat it anyway.

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
22. God I'm getting old arent I.

Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
Always have been. Not sure why, but correctness is everything in my book.

Do you believe in life on other planets?

Have you ever been to Six Flags?
Where's that?

Who was the last person to piss you off?
No–one – I don't get pissed off very easily.

Do you believe that God has a gender?
What a STUPID question!!

What was the last thing you ate?
croissants for breakfast.

Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?
Strangely yes, although I'm not sure why.

What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?
I've never been a "dressing up" person. Couldnt be bothered.

How did your parents pick your name?
Dunno, mum liked it I think.

Do you like mustard?

What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
Stop whinging and get on with it.

Would you ever sky dive?
No. I value my life.

Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?
Side usually, although I'm trying to sleep on my back these days. Apparantly it lets you breathe better and so u get a better sleep.

What character from a movie most reminds you of yourself?
I watch better movies than that.

Have you ever bid for something on ebay?
Sure have.

What do you think of Angelina Jolie being pregnant?
couldn't give a shit.

Do you enjoy giving hugs?
Human nature isn't it?

Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
No – I look to others around me for fashion ideas.

Do you own a digital camera?
Fraid not – only the camera on my phone.

If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?

What celebrities have you been compared to?
No one tells me when they compare me to celebrities.

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?
Never watched it.

Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call but never do?
Nope. If I'm desperate for them to call, I'll call them instead.

What books, if any, have made you cry?
None that I can remember.

Do you think you're attractive?
I can't possibly answer that subjectively.

What are you allergic to?
Never had an allergy in my life, but this week I've had a cold that wont go away even after decongestants so my dad thinks I've got an allergy (my first).

Are you a jealous person?
Yes, but I strive to change myself to the way I want things to be.

What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment?
We're in the 21st century. It happens.

Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat?
No. Don't know if I'd survive without it.

If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name have been?
Ask my parents. I've never wondered.

June 20, 2006

Last Top Banana

Had a rather long meeting in the Students' Union yesterday morning, after which I decided to begin drinking alcohol (around 2pm in the afternoon). I stopped drinking at 1am when the bar closed at Top Banana.


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