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July 24, 2006

GTR FIA Racing 2 – Demo Video

It's been out 3 whole days now and I've not shown off a video of myself pounding around Barcelona in a Lamborghini yet, so well, here it is.


Download video here (32MB, Xvid)

The ghost in the video above is of Henrik Roos, an actual FIA GT racer whos idea it was to develop the original GTR (he's a bit good at the game…) More info

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the demo, the physics do feel a lot tighter than with the original, and the overall presentation of the game is of a higher standard. The graphics are certainly a step up from GTR1, but are probably about on par with GTL, giving ammunition to those that are just calling GTR2 – "GTL with GTR's cars". The sound, as always with the GT franchise is truly superb, you can tell they've been and recorded every car throughout it's entire engine range, and it shows. The AI haven't been glaringly boring so far, you see cars jostling with each other for position, and even spinning out when making rather too bold overtaking maneuvers.

What of course the demo is missing is multiplayer, but you can forgive Simbin this since historically the netcode/multiplayer has been poor, and it's almost certainly not in a finished state.

September is going to be quite a month for my wallet given some of the titles coming out, including, but not limited to:

  • Settlers 2 – 10th Anniversary (PC)
  • Test Drive Unlimited (X360)
  • GTR2 (PC)
  • Rainbow Six Vegas (PC or 360)
  • Computer Science 3rd Year (RealLife)


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