September 04, 2012

Is it possible to become fluent in four languages in four years?

Welcome to my blog "Language-aholic: Quadrilingual in Four Years". I have decided to create this blog specifically for tracking my progress in becoming fluent in four languages by the end of my degree (four years) and to discuss my best language learning techniques :) After studying English, French and Welsh A level I have picked up quite a lot of tips, memory techniques and a pretty good mentality that has hugely helped me in learning languages so it's about time I share them along with any new methods I pick up as I begin learning Italian!

My posts will be aimed at learners of any language, but I will be using those that I'm familiar with as an example, including the ones I'm currently learning. I will also be talking about specific languages.

If you'd like to see how I do, add my blog to your favourites to see my upcoming tips and language-learning story and join me as I become fluent in four languages in four years!

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