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January 18, 2012

Story telling

Activity One

Children enjoy listening to stories, because it allows them to become immersed in the world of the text. They are able to listen and enjoy the text without having to read the words, this may mean that they can become introduced to more complex texts than they would need to read on their own.

There are key skills when reading a story, the ability to be theatrical, and to select the correct tone and pace for both the story and the characters. In addition to these, it is key to be able to become involved in the story and embrace what they are reading about.

Activity Two

When watching the two videos, there were many similarities. They both had powerful voices, and were able to create a level of intensity with the texts they were reading. With the first video the man had a powerful voice, and changed both the pace and tone of his voice to suit the text, however this was not as theatrical as the man in the second video. He was able to adapt the tone of his voice to portray a feeling and an emotion - sometimes proving rather unnerving and other times seeming to infuse humour into the text. The first video, showed the man was able to form a bond with the reader - as though it were just you and him and you were in the story together, he used questions and empathy to demonstrate this. The second video was more of a 'he was reading to you' story, and I was just the listener.

I prefered the second video, this is due to a combination of the story itself, and the way in which the man was able to portray an array of emotions just through his voice and facial expressions, I noticed that I had become really interested in what was going to come next, and I think this was partially due to the way he paused, and the way he was able to build up a situation.

January 03, 2012

Reader – Teacher reflections PP2

Throughout my PP2 placement I noticed that although reading was incorporated into everyday school life, there was little excitement surrounding it. Each classroom had a book shelf in it, but little area to sit and read, and the books were often old and uninteresting to the pupils. Occasionally the school would hold a book fayre, at which each class teacher could select a number of books to place on their book shelf. These books were often selected based upon the text or the speech that is used within them.

The class teacher did not seem over enthused about reading, although he was able to direct the pupils towards the most suitable texts for them, often relating to their interests. In contest to this, when taking part in group reading and class shared reading the teacher was very enthusiastic about the story and the history of the text.

The school did have a small school library, with books marked according to their level of difficulty, these books, although educational did not seem to spark much interest or enthusiasm with the pupils. As a leaving gift to the class room, I gave my class 2 texts, a Jacquelin Wilson and a current text linked to a stage show and a film release called War Horse. I am aware of the text and historical content within these books - and feel that due to their content combined with their level of relativity they would be a hit with the school, teacher and the pupils.

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