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May 09, 2005

Bacon, chili and cheese Sandwiches…

…Hopefully enough to give me some motivation to finish this damn formal report (S1 for anyone who gives a damn, or feels like helping) The main problem I have is that the word limit is ridiculously low for what we're expected to put in. I've written one of these before, but thanks to a screw-up on the website, had a limit of 5000 words rather than this one's 3500.

Let's see-Experiment is 5 sections, 3500 word/5 sections=700 words per section. Seem a little low? This is then made worse by the fact that we have to write so much about each bloody section and can't lay it out in the most sensible way! I now have 391 words to write the longest results section, the discussion, and the conclusion. Whoopee!

Added to the fact that my results appear to be different to what they were when I wrote the lab book and this isn't fun. I'm also not helped by the fact that, once again, the marker for the lab book appears to have no capacity to retain information, so the comments aren't too handy. If I explain how I derive something, then use that result on the next bloody page, i shouldn't have to then put where it comes from, it's obvious! You read it 4 lines ago!

Than again, this one was a lot, lot better than the last lab book, where a table of values headed "Measured values taken from lab script" and the markers comment was "Method??"

Method!? What! Well, I opened the book, read the values and wrote them down. What the hell do you expect me to say to this. For once, open your eyes and read the damn thing!

The same experiment: "readings were taken and are shown below" was met with "What readings?" Um…the ones in the table below perhaps?! Do the physics department actually employ monkeys to mark these things?

On a slightly more positive, and less ranting note, have managed to introduce the Germans to Spaced, with the result that we watched all of Series 1 on Saturday, and all of Series 2 yesterday. This wasn't intentional, we just kind of never got round to turning it off. I apologise to everyone else who knows me, as I may well be sprinkling conversations with Spaced quotes for a couple of days. (As opposed to the usual South Park, Family Guy, Invader Zim mix) Speaking of which, where's the new Family Guy, it should be out now? Hmmm.

Ah, new Simpsons is finished though. As is my, very nice, sandwich. Should probably get back to this bloody report. It's made worse by the fact that I can't even go out and get drunk when it's done, since I have to learn Russian for Thursday. Aaaaagh!

April 22, 2005

Slightly more free time.

Well, maths exam yesterday was pretty horrible. Feel like I've probably failed maths 1, though maths 2 wasn't too horrendous. Oh yeah, and can any physicists who read this e-mail Rubens or Ulrika about how bad the QM exam was-who knows, the SSLC may be useful.

End of exams led to drinking, starting at 12, followed by picking up and then going back home to have a bbq. This then led to Wetherspoons (unfortunately-don't really like the place, the beer's cheap but the atmosphere's kind of crap) followed by Mirage. Can't really remember much of it now, but seemed like a good night at the time. Contributed to the death of my digestive system with help from Viallis-oh dear. Then tried to get the new South Park. So Ben turned his connection off half way through. Download stops. Damn

Now have a couple of days off before having to learn Russian. Should probably buy a dictionary at some point before the two hour translation paper. Then will have to revise for a Thursday exam the day after seeing Fathless in Brum. Dammit, why are things trying to make me fail the year?

April 20, 2005

What the Hell?

OK, where the hell are the notes for Quantum Mechanics. Not the ones I have, but the ones that must exist and contain all the information about everything on today's exam. No-one else seems to have them either, which is strange. Surely out of 160-odd phys & maths-phys students, someone must know where those questions came from.

It basically had one question with material that's come up before, so we'd revised that from past papers. The other 2, of which we had to answer either, were on things that I can't find anything about. Not in the notes, the past papers, on the website or in the textbook.

Our current theory is that the paper was so hard because everyone slagged off the lecturer-Don Paul, by the way-for being crap after the lectures, so he decided to make the exam harder. Genius! Don't know anyone who actually thinks they've done well on it. With luck, I should pass, mainly down to question 5 being identical to a past paper question that I did that morning. Did both the other 2 just in case, can't see it helping.

On the plus side, bought a wireless card for my laptop on the way home, and have discovered that one of the neighbours has a connection that I can get on to, so free internet.

On the down side, three hour maths exam tomorrow. Crap

April 13, 2005

7 Days left…

…till the Quantum Mechanics exam. Crap. I'd say that at the moment, despite 2 whole days of at least pretending to try to work, i know roughly as much about this module as an undereducated penguin. It might have helped if the lecturer was any good at all, but no, that would have made things remotely possible. My only consolation is that everyone else appears to know about as little of this as I do.

If that wasn't bad enough, have at least two exams the day after. Do any physicists know if we're actually doing the PDEs paper? Seems to be general confusion, with some saying they've revised it, some saying the format's been changed and it's part of the maths paper now, and people like me hoping like hell that we actually don't have to go near it. Or that the Panorama room is hit by a very small, accurate meteor which annihilates all copies of the exam paper.

Finally back in Leam and away from the bloody parents, though haven't actually sorted out where I'll be living in the summer. Likely options-Phils sofa for free, or Rach's spare room for "whatever you can afford." Seeing as by this point I'll probably have failed and be working at McDonalds this probably won't be much.

Anyone seen Dead Man On Campus? I'm hoping that the basic idea of:

1 dead housemate=a first,

applies here. Then just need to persuade a housemate to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the rest of us. Hmm, not sure which one, though after the conversation last night I'm sure Ben & Aleesha have a suggestion.

Damn it, should probably try and do some work. The fact that I have no money in the world is the only thing keeping me in at this point though, as my interest in QM and maths is somewhere below zero.

And it's bloody sunny as well. not fair. Pretty much guaranteed to be snowing next thurs when we're planning a bbq isn't it? Ah well

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