April 20, 2005

What the Hell?

OK, where the hell are the notes for Quantum Mechanics. Not the ones I have, but the ones that must exist and contain all the information about everything on today's exam. No-one else seems to have them either, which is strange. Surely out of 160-odd phys & maths-phys students, someone must know where those questions came from.

It basically had one question with material that's come up before, so we'd revised that from past papers. The other 2, of which we had to answer either, were on things that I can't find anything about. Not in the notes, the past papers, on the website or in the textbook.

Our current theory is that the paper was so hard because everyone slagged off the lecturer-Don Paul, by the way-for being crap after the lectures, so he decided to make the exam harder. Genius! Don't know anyone who actually thinks they've done well on it. With luck, I should pass, mainly down to question 5 being identical to a past paper question that I did that morning. Did both the other 2 just in case, can't see it helping.

On the plus side, bought a wireless card for my laptop on the way home, and have discovered that one of the neighbours has a connection that I can get on to, so free internet.

On the down side, three hour maths exam tomorrow. Crap

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  1. QM

    If you cant even do Quantum Mechanics then you are boned. Totally boned.

    09 May 2005, 09:03

  2. Mmm, I can see how not knowing the basic underlying principles of Quantum Mechanics will disqualify me from any job.

    By the look of things, our entire year group is screwed then, since I think there was roughly 1 person who actually thought it was ok. The rest just made voodoo dolls of Don Paul for not teaching us anything he was going to put on the exam.

    09 May 2005, 11:43

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