March 28, 2005

Evil Extortion Scheme

Writing about web page

Ok, this is just worryingly sick. Some guy in America has concocted a plot to raise money. Put lots of pictures of your cute pet rabbit online, then say that unless people donate enough money or buy enough merchandise ($50,000 worth) by a certain date, then the rabbit will be taken to the butchers and then eaten. Put up a gallery, a shop and a recipe book with lines such as:

"1 Toby cut in serving-sized pieces"

and watch the money come rolling in.

The worrying part is that if he succeeds then soon we can expect to see our inboxes filling up with lots of "Save the cute furry bunny" spam as well as the usual "You have won and iPod" and "Phwooar, look at these jugs" crap that we get anyway.
Even more worrying is the fact that he appears to have raised $20, 000 already.

Ok, it even has a video of the rabbit (Which is currently unavailable). Very, very sick people out there.

Especially the people who gave this guy a book deal!!!

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  1. Um, what are the chances of the guy actually being serious, do you think?

    28 Mar 2005, 20:20

  2. skint

    coo – wonder how much i could get for a kitten…..........................

    28 Mar 2005, 23:18

  3. don't think it's that high, how's anyone actually gonna prove he killed the rabbit? Seems like he's found a nice way to make money-$20000 already. Problem is it'll just encourage others who might well kill cute furry creatures

    29 Mar 2005, 02:26

  4. Commander Clit

    You guys are a bunch of pathetic nerds. Who gives a flying shit whether this guy's going to kill a poor rabbit or not? I don't… You've eaten countless organisms in your lifetimes, why don't you waste more of your time writing about the death of each animal? Because it's stupid and pointless. Go out and get laid.

    Andrew McFarland – you wrote a short thesis on the life of another individual who is more successful than you, do you have nothing better to do with your time? You people make me sick.

    Donate your penises to those who are more worthy…

    31 Mar 2005, 01:04

  5. I'm a student, of course I have nothing better to do with my time. How about you? At least I don't hide behind anaonymity to give my point of view.

    31 Mar 2005, 01:09

  6. Ooh – good ol politics. He might not be a student/staff member, Andrew, which means he couldn't sign in, but I guess he could have at least put his name…

    In my personal view, though, I couldn't care less, and the people that are stupid enough to donate money towards this cause deserve to have less money than the rest of us anyway, so let them do with it as they want. Personally, I think it's kinda funny that someone is taking the piss out of bunny huggers (literally in this case) to make money. They fuck up enough other people's income to have a taste of their own medicine…

    Ooh – controversial…


    31 Mar 2005, 15:30

  7. It's a fair point about taking the piss out of bunny huggers. My main problem with it is that I actually don't think this guy has any intention of hurting his precious rabbit, but will just encourage more people to prey on the stupid who will donate. We all already get enough spam without adding yet another scam to gain money off the gullible. I read about this guys site in the paper, and was realyl surprised when i visited it about just how professionally done it was. Especially his large range of merchandise. Save Toby thong anyone?

    31 Mar 2005, 15:37

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