April 13, 2005

7 Days left…

…till the Quantum Mechanics exam. Crap. I'd say that at the moment, despite 2 whole days of at least pretending to try to work, i know roughly as much about this module as an undereducated penguin. It might have helped if the lecturer was any good at all, but no, that would have made things remotely possible. My only consolation is that everyone else appears to know about as little of this as I do.

If that wasn't bad enough, have at least two exams the day after. Do any physicists know if we're actually doing the PDEs paper? Seems to be general confusion, with some saying they've revised it, some saying the format's been changed and it's part of the maths paper now, and people like me hoping like hell that we actually don't have to go near it. Or that the Panorama room is hit by a very small, accurate meteor which annihilates all copies of the exam paper.

Finally back in Leam and away from the bloody parents, though haven't actually sorted out where I'll be living in the summer. Likely options-Phils sofa for free, or Rach's spare room for "whatever you can afford." Seeing as by this point I'll probably have failed and be working at McDonalds this probably won't be much.

Anyone seen Dead Man On Campus? I'm hoping that the basic idea of:

1 dead housemate=a first,

applies here. Then just need to persuade a housemate to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the rest of us. Hmm, not sure which one, though after the conversation last night I'm sure Ben & Aleesha have a suggestion.

Damn it, should probably try and do some work. The fact that I have no money in the world is the only thing keeping me in at this point though, as my interest in QM and maths is somewhere below zero.

And it's bloody sunny as well. not fair. Pretty much guaranteed to be snowing next thurs when we're planning a bbq isn't it? Ah well

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