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March 25, 2005

Well, here we go

Ok, so here's the first proper entry. Hmmm. Too sober for this. In fact, I'm too sober to have signed up for this in the first place. Ah well.

Stuck in Cornwall at the moment, which despite being sunny(ish) is kind of cold, especially in its usual Force 19 gale conditions. Only stuck down here because if I'd stayed in Leam I'd actually have been unable to afford to eat. Managing to survive by meeting people again and staying well away from the parents. Otherwise I'd probably end up running screaming to the train station and jumping on the next one North. Could mean waiting a while, this is Cornwall.

I really ought to be doing some work towards my course, as i have roughly 3 weeks to learn Quantum Mechanics and Russian.
This could be a problem.

However, have no actual motivation to do anything vaguely productive, so what the hell. Might start putting up some pictures…..

Ok, some pictures up, picked pretty randomly from last years selection. Will add some for this year later on. Almost picked up a textbook, thought better of it. Watched the new South Park (903) again, still not impressed. It's ok, but nowhere near some of the great ones.

Hmm, strange co-incidences everywhere. Currently reading Hunter S. Thompson-Kingdom of Fear. Decide to check out the Onion, where they have an article on Gonzo journalism . Reading HST shows just how much someone who's really weird can get away with. The guy was nearly elected Sheriff of Aspen!

Still sunny, still freezing. I wouldn't mind it being grey if it was warm, but it has to give you this false sense of security, just to make you step outside without thermal underwear and a dog with a barrel of Brandy. Almost makes me feel sorry for the hordes of holidaymakers who are no doubt at this moment queuing back to Bristol to try and get down here in the hope that it'll be warm. Then on Monday they all pile back into their cars for the return trip. Why do people do this? Who Knows?

Finally Entering the blogging world

Well, here it is, I've finally gotten round to getting a blog. This is mainly due to Swede, who's kept tellling me to, and also keeps using my photos on his page, so I thought I'd better get my own before I lose them all.

I'm going to use this page as somewhere to put my random musings to see if anyone else finds them remotely interesting/amusing, or even just so that future generations can look back and see how great our society once was.

Anyone who got here by sorting by subject is out of luck, as the chances of me posting anything more work related than moaning about the fact that I've done no work are pretty much zero.

I study physics, not english, so any comments on bad spelling/grammar or anything of the sort will result in the perpetrator being the subject of a voodoo curse. A second offence will lead to a ninja being despatched and a nuclear attack on a small neutral nation.

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