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July 06, 2005

The best part of London getting the Olympics…

…is that it'll wipe the smug grin off Chirac's face after a month of trying to distract attention from the EU referendum result by slagging off Britain (and to a lesser extent, the US).

First he has a go at the British rebate, until it's pointed out that even with it we pay far more than France, and the main reason for it is the CAP, main beneficiary, France.

Second, he says that he'll use the G8 to force America to remove tariffs on textile and food exports. Bush says fine, as soon as the EU does the same. Main advocate of the EU tariffs, France.

Thirdly, he just slags off British food in a chat with Putin and Schroeder. So every major restaurant critic in the Western Hemisphere points out that we have far more diverse and varied cuisine than France, because we're not so protectionist that we automatically assume ours must be the best. Along with wine and cheese, French food's standing has gradually diminished over the years as cheap travel and more disposable income have lead people to be more adventurous in what they eat.

In the same little chat with his buddies, Chirac claims Britain has done nothing for European agriculture except mad cow disease. (Which reminds me, doesn't France still owe us money for the EU fines levied on it over its illegal ban on British beef? Will we be seeing that anytime soon?) Isn't it strange how France, which he must think has done so much, has such an inefficient farming sector that it requires the CAP to prop it up while we get sod all. He also conveniently forgets that most of the basis of modern agriculture was based on British inventions and processes, such as crop rotation.

So after such a nice time slagging us off, he must have been hoping to arrive at the G8 summit, fresh from the Olympic decision in Singapore, victorious showing once again the superiority of France. Instead, he'll be arriving to an even wider than usual grin from Tony.

He must be wondering just how much longer it'll be before he's in prison on the fraud charges that only his position and immunity from prosecution keep him safe from. His grip on power is starting to look more and more shaky every day. Especially since the last election was only won with a subtext of "Elect the crook, not the Fascist", which is even more unpalatable than Labours "Vote for us, we're not the Tories".

Hopefully he'll be able to watch the 2012 Olympics from his cell. The guards might be nice and let him have his own TV.

Update:Lovely opinion piece by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph today

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