May 17, 2008


This pile of trash has been sat at the back of my house since the begining of the year. So idecided it wat time I photographed it


trash 2

May 10, 2008

Atop the stares

Been a while since I've actually processed a roll of film and thus have had no photos. I managed to get hold of a digcam for a day and took a few snaps so a picture to tide over my only fan.

Thanks jamjar


after a bit of mucking about I wonder how it would look rotated. Consider this the proper vesion of the photo

up side down

March 04, 2008

The plan

Well here's the new idea. Instead of mt loading a whole load of pictures at once I'm gonna only post the ones I'm really proud of, an unedited version, save for a bit of cropping, and perhaps a photoshopped version. Although I know very little about photoshop (in fact i dont even have it. Might Download GIMP instead).

So once again give critique and suggestion. Forget politeness. If its bad tell me because I'd rather learn than have my ego massaged

What thoughts do you have in making the area beyond furthest person black?


In the Art Center

February 28, 2008

My pictures

So i've been trying to take up photography. I was always intrested in film photography so the learning process has been slow since I am not able to churn out hundreds of photos with little thought of the cost. Out of a roll of 36 maybe 15 would be of any usable quality. So I slowly built up a collection of photographs.

However I really wanted to have my photos digitised. With no scanner of my own and no intentions of paying Jessops to do it for me I packed my stuff an moved onto campus. THe scanners there are horribly greasy and have an penchant of chaning colours as it sees fit. 3hrs later I give up and decide to just scan the pictures regardless of how they turn out and work on mt favourites another time

The results can be found in my galeries to the right hand side of the page. Feel free to critique 

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