October 10, 2008

Second entry

its 9.24am now.. and Mannu said he will be here at 8.30am at the learning grid to start our group project! He's late but anyway we were just kidding.. Well i'm here early because i have to check my mails and write another entry...

To b honest, when i found out that there were no exams in this course.. i thought i made a wrong decision because I tend to do better in exams than in assignments..partly because I am so used to being spoonfed information...(I just found the root to my problem!!) i lack analytical skills because i am so used to be told what to do and how get things done... now that is why i am not as sharp minded as some of my group members!!

So far, i'm quite happy to be in my group.. we get along quite well n i am quite motivated to keep learning. I realized that my group members have different capabilities and i WISH i can just copy n paste them into my being..so i'll hv the combination of the best!! however, we all know that its impossible n i will hv to try to develop these skills by myself....

Before starting this postgrad course, i hv always wanted to get some work experience. To me, i want to get the feel of what i'll be doing in the future. And only with such experiences I can truly understand what I will b studying coz by then i will b able to know what is feasible and wat is not. Well, the only choice i've been given is to come here to finish my studies. Being the youngest in the group, I envy the priceless experience that ALL my group members hv... They are so knowledgeable and I am sure they will benefit more out of this course..But oh well... I am considered to be lucky enough to be able to learn from all of them!

*members have arrived.. will continue blogging later*

Anyway.... the topic dat i led was on measurements (2).... to be honest... even though i was leading... the question alone i din know had so many interpretations to it... but with my intelligent group mates... we were able to come around it... all the questions for that matter... the term 'measurement' was quite vague to me...and if i were to answer the question alone... i wouldn't think i would have come up with the same answers... i might have diverted from the question.....anyway... its nearly 10pm now... i will continue my entry another day... hopefully i can get my laptop charger tomorrow!! ^.^

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  1. Ms. Pet, don’t be so humble. You did a good job! We’re all excellent people for the business excellence.

    11 Oct 2008, 00:58

  2. “To b honest, when i found out that there were no exams in this course.. i thought i made a wrong decision because I tend to do better in exams than in assignments”
    You the first person I know who prefer sitting exams :)

    11 Oct 2008, 08:07

  3. Amanda you have great insights and you know how to elaborate the answers, you are the light in our group and very enjoyable to work with. When you start to work you will definitely be excellent. I hope we could work together in another module. XOXO GP (kkkkk).

    14 Oct 2008, 15:40

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    Keep up the good work

    08 Jan 2009, 11:08

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