March 16, 2009

Aim 3.4 n be the Leanest of em all~~

I'm a little teapot fat and stout~~~ Here's my handle, heres my spout~~ (C'mon lil children its time to sing along!)
When I see the teacups, here me shout~~~
Tip me up and pour me out!!~~

hehehe.... i realize the randomness..... ^.^ I had a glass of steaming coffee n i guess dat explains y im still so energized in d middle of the night... actually im a bit tired but hey! im finding a way to keep myself awake!!! Now now... the term 'childish' might have popped up but we all went through that phase in life.. n those memories keep us happy, dont they??? (and i bet u were humming to the tune!) =p

I know the title is a bit weird...but i always try to associate wat i learn to something which is of my interest. As u can tell, this entry would be about the PIUSS pma.... To be honest, I was never enthusiastic when it comes to SIX SIGMA.... why? because im no good at numbers- MATHS & STATS! i was however interested in being LEAN.. *winkz* I chose the 5th question of the PMA... Lean + 6 Sigma.... do they clash? or do they compliment one another? In my opinion, they compliment one another..... here let me explain in my own language....

6 sigma to reduce Variation , Lean to eliminate waste

I see variation and waste as FATS and lean as an ideal state of the organization. The excessive fats in my body would cause me to move slower and i see the stubborn bulges whenever i try to wear a body-hugging top/dress. How does that affect me? I am bound to become more lazy, more prone to sickness, and less confident. I understand that fats are very annoying and very hard to get rid now... dont u even think of undergoing liposuction (quick-fix).. if your lifestyle doesnt change... u will end up looking exactly the same (or WORSE) before u did it! 6 sigma and lean serves the same purpose, to improve my appearance & my health while helping me have more savings by giving me more guts to say NO to junk food.

Both of these concepts provide different functions to help me shed off the fats in my body. 6sigma provides methods based on maths & stats while lean provides me with the techniques. For example, the lean method tells me the right exercise for the right areas, like crunches/sit ups for belly fat while 6sigma allows me to calculate the exact number of crunches/sit ups that i need to do in a day to achieve my goal.

Thanks to the world for stressing on the importance of looking lean that i now understand the importance of six sigma. Wanna shed those stubborn fats? Subscribe now and get lean in NO TIME! Call 1300-25-25 today to get 50% discount! See you after the commercial break *CUT*

March 10, 2009

kBAMMMMM me please~~

Blogging!!! *sigh* First and foremost, I would like to announce that i have 4 PMAs + 1 project in hand!! *SHOOT ME SHOOOOT MEEEEE* PIUSS due on monday... OPP the monday after~~ =( that aside~~

In my opinion, seminars were okay as usual. The process of creating mind maps through all the post-its keeps me awake coz i know i HAVE to do some reading before hand. BIG plus is that I get to walk around and talk quite a bit (keeps me awake). But somehow i feel that the knowledge that i gain from other groups overlap most of the time. Hence, i feel that I have not gained something extra. Perhaps its just a matter of mentality.

Im SOOO used to having spoon-fed information (Lectures) from people with labeled EXPERIENCED consultants, PROFESSORS, etc.  which would make me go "WOW i-didnt-know-that-and-wouldnt-have-know-that-if-it-wasnt-for-you". It could be because the ideas generated are from people who are like me, beginners/amateurs in this particular module. But like i said it could b a matter of my own mentality. I guess geniuses and people with high self-esteem will prefer this approach because they are certain that they've got the right explanations to the right answers. *Winks* Anyway good job people!

As part of the KBAM mini project, I have chosen to do some research on Facilities Management. We got to pick our own topics. Hurray!!. The reason i chose FM was because i heard a little bell ringing at the back of my head. Subtopics like outsourcing, fleet management, space mgmt was quite appealing to me because i wanted to learn more about these topics given my very basic knowledge about those terms (FYI i did a logistics & scm degree). In our last group meeting, we managed to come up with some assumptions and prioritize KM & AM.

Very well missy, what have you learned?

*Shy away* FM consists of many lil sub sub topics which links to the other aspects of AM (e.g. environmental, H & S mgmt,etc). In my opinion, FM takes into consideration the many little little details that we take for granted in our everyday life e.g. cleaning, mailing. How many of us actually go through all the trouble of calling up another dept/company to find out the time and the routes that the mailman have to take in order to deliver our letters? or how often the electrician check if the light bulb is working? UNTILwe need the important documents to determine whether or not we will fail our project, UNTIL the electricity cuts off when our assigment is due in a few hours, we do NOT usually care, do we? Same goes to organizations. 

I learned that in reality, we often overlook these little insignificant things. Whenever i see big red BUY 3 FOR 2 stickers on fruits or crisps, most of the time ill pick up 3 packs and put it into my shopping basket. When i try to fit my groceries into the fridge, i find that it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to refrigerate all of em coz the fridge wasnt big enough to store 8 people's grocery. Hoping that the weather is cold enough, ill put the fruits at the window pane. With 3 packs of fruits ill try with all my might to stuff myself before they go bad. At the end of the week, i find that:

-i have to throw away the over-ripe fruits left

-i feel FAT

-i couldve saved the money and buy myself something else

Sounds familiar? *BIG GRIN* Same for organizations, they build bigger factories than they actually need, buy more raw materials to get cheaper discounts, produce more than actual demand to achieve economies of scale. All these equates to.....storing obsolete products; increase costs of building, producing, storing, and getting rid of em. Agree? *Nods head* very well.. u might wanna take back the "u-dont-have-to-repeat-coz-i-know-it look" coz u know that u, like me, would still be tempted to grab more whenever we see a BUY 3 for 2!!! *Winks* hehehe... ^.^ Nitie nite~~ sweet dreams....

December 01, 2008


Time to update about my CBE PMA. Well, I have chosen the first question, which is to explain the changes needed by implementing EFQM into our organization and what are the challenges arising from that and of course, how to overcome those problems.

I have done quite some reading on books and articles. While I was doing my PMA, i realized that leadership plays a big role to ensure that the change is successfully implemented and all the other elements in 'enablers' are also quite dependant on leadership. Quite interesting because it actually gives me some idea about our LE course at the same time. At this moment, leadership is such big a word for me *gulps*

November 29, 2008

How is shared, shared?

Since Paul made a good point about us creating a leadership definition in our own words simplistically, I think i will stick to my initial definition.

Leadership is where one or more is infuenced to committing themselves to achieving a shared goal / vision.

I too came up with 'vision', but it didn't really matter to me whether or not it should be included. During discussions, I found it quite interesting when 'directive' was brought up. In reality, do leaders really have the ability to make every single one of us see the same thing he/she sees and aim for the same thing he/she aims? or do leaders determine their own goals and expects everyone to work towards it (top down approach- directive)?

It is to my understanding that a shared goal is where every individual agrees and aims for the same thing. I have a question that has been bugging me since that session. Does a leader listen to every single employees' opinion in the organization before he/she determines  the organization's goals? Or does a leader think that the goal that he/she have set is shared and makes an assumption that every employee agrees to it when nobody objects? and hence it becomes a shared goal? Shared. Sorry if I caused any confusion. Well its easy for people like me to share a same goal because I am easily influenced and I follow the flow, the majority. What about the people with stronger characters?

October 10, 2008

Second entry

its 9.24am now.. and Mannu said he will be here at 8.30am at the learning grid to start our group project! He's late but anyway we were just kidding.. Well i'm here early because i have to check my mails and write another entry...

To b honest, when i found out that there were no exams in this course.. i thought i made a wrong decision because I tend to do better in exams than in assignments..partly because I am so used to being spoonfed information...(I just found the root to my problem!!) i lack analytical skills because i am so used to be told what to do and how get things done... now that is why i am not as sharp minded as some of my group members!!

So far, i'm quite happy to be in my group.. we get along quite well n i am quite motivated to keep learning. I realized that my group members have different capabilities and i WISH i can just copy n paste them into my i'll hv the combination of the best!! however, we all know that its impossible n i will hv to try to develop these skills by myself....

Before starting this postgrad course, i hv always wanted to get some work experience. To me, i want to get the feel of what i'll be doing in the future. And only with such experiences I can truly understand what I will b studying coz by then i will b able to know what is feasible and wat is not. Well, the only choice i've been given is to come here to finish my studies. Being the youngest in the group, I envy the priceless experience that ALL my group members hv... They are so knowledgeable and I am sure they will benefit more out of this course..But oh well... I am considered to be lucky enough to be able to learn from all of them!

*members have arrived.. will continue blogging later*

Anyway.... the topic dat i led was on measurements (2).... to be honest... even though i was leading... the question alone i din know had so many interpretations to it... but with my intelligent group mates... we were able to come around it... all the questions for that matter... the term 'measurement' was quite vague to me...and if i were to answer the question alone... i wouldn't think i would have come up with the same answers... i might have diverted from the question.....anyway... its nearly 10pm now... i will continue my entry another day... hopefully i can get my laptop charger tomorrow!! ^.^

October 08, 2008

A new beginning

(I'm sorry everyone... this entry was written halfway on Monday night but did not have the time to finish it before I headed back to my dorm!)

Got my visa on Friday morning at Kuala Lumpur then airticket in the afternoon, flew back to Kota Kinabalu at night.

I spent all of Saturday morning printing my coach ticket, maps, enrolment cert. etc etc and only started packing 3 hours before the flight. As a result of all that last arrangements, I forgot to bring my laptop charger, hence; will have to wait for a couple of days before the charger arrives. Can't wait til I can do my work comfortably in my room.

I arrived Heathrow Airport on a Sunday morning, hopped on2 d bus, and arrived Coventry 2 hrs later. I am so lucky to have Crystal, my coursemate, living right next door. She took me around, I unpacked, and hibernated from 8pm-7am (fyi, I don't usually sleep that longg..haha)

My first day at Warwick today, I discovered that I have a lot to catch up on. 1st day of class, 6 mini projects. WOW. I thought I have time to get some necessities at Tesco's but I don't think thats going to happen. Its 9pm and our group is still working on our first mini project. Haha... Not that intense because I have very nice and funny group mates. Helpful too! Apart from that, I found the video about Deming quite fascinating... especially the demonstration on the white & red beans... Yes he did say that it is the management's fault for not providing the correct equipments... Nobody likes to be blamed... and usually managements put the blame on workers for not being able to achieve a given target.... 

After class, our team headed to the grid for discussions. Alan & I did our part on EFQM, and he finished real q-u-i-c-k! This EFQM framework is of relation to the topic of quality. The first thing that came to my mind was TQM that I studied during my undergrad degree at Northumbria U..... and EFQM was something new to me... Throughout the whole night of reading and trying to answer questions... I found that my groupmates each have their own unique skill in which I have to learn... I have to admit that I lack of analytical skills... Perhaps it is due to way I was brought up and the schooling system ( obedience = listening to parents & teachers).... oh well... I have a LOT to learn!!

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