March 21, 2016

High Energy and Negative Attitude??


Leader in the Amazonas

Leader in the Amazonas

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Blogging from the Amazonas Jungle

Blogging from the Jungle

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March 17, 2016

So who's the servant?

How may I help you? is a question that can be used to describe the general approach of the Leadership Servant Theory. This is when the leader knows that his duty is to support his subordinates and he applies it. He tries to put himself in a place to understand the needs of the situation and his people, what will help him to satisfy their needs.

On my professional I’ve experience both kind of leaders. The one that follows the leadership servant approach and the one that thought that I was her servant. If I think in retrospective and compare how much effort, I would put on the tasks that they allocated me; definitely I would work much harder with the one that always saw the way to help me and how to support me instead of scolding me or punishing me.

March 14, 2016

The Great Man Theory, are leaders made or born?

Are Leaders born or made???

According to the Great Man Leadership Theory Leaders are born. The theory states that leaders are born with traits that someone wouldn't be able to develop if they didn't born with them.

First, that is difficult to accepts because it would state that men are unequal. Secondly, that no matter all the effort you put into, you wouldn't be able to achieve being a leader if you weren't born with it. And third that you were already born with a destiny role, either being a leader or being a follower.

I completely don't agree with this theory plus the fact that there exists no convincing data that supports it makes me believe that it is wrong. I can understand that there are people that have natural traits and dispossession for certain tasks but I do believe that everybody has a chance at it if they work it.


March 13, 2016

RDM Post Presentations & Teamwork Blog

Last week was a very interesting week... I got a team with colleagues that I've never worked before, all from different countries. A production decision making problem I have never faced before and tools to solve it that I have never used before. Therefore, the good news were that everything was going to be new learnings! Decision Making is something you face all the time, either professional or personal life so it is something very useful to learn about.

I'll explain the learnings I had in three different points. First and most important about specifiquely decision making which is the topic of the module, second about presentation skills, and last about instructions reading

Decision Making: As I said in my last blog... We suuuuck at making decisions. We are full of bias that stop us from making good decisions with our judgement. System 0 is Uncontrollable and System 1 is rubbish so definitely System 2 is the one I learnt to use when making important decisions. Thanks to this presentation I learnt four new tools for decision making. Decision Tree, Cost Analysis SMART and AHP (I also uses SWOT but I already knew it. I liked the result that can bring the mix of the three because Decision tree and Cost Analysis give you a nice overview of each tool by itself and SMART and AHP can be used to compare one against each other. SMART AND AHP are more methodological tools so I think I win the most by learning these ones. SMART, except for the Sensibility part which I still need to practise, is a tool I can say I can now perfectly use. In my opinion its a great tool to make systematically comparisons, same as AHP (which we didn't use in the presentation as we preferred to use SMART). As a next step, Now I'm very interested to research on my PMA when is the best time to apply SMART and when is AHP.

Presentation Skills: I was taking a shower while the idea popped in... We're gonna be the fifth team in a row presentating about the same topic... How interested will our audience be? So what if we had a creative way to present it. Something different and something that supports the benefits of our decision making on the mini-project... What if one of us was a part of the audience :o. I had never tried that technique but I was very happy to be on a safe environment as I could try it... Well, it really resulted, it had a great success. I've learned that this technique works!! Now I'm eagerer to try it outside Warwick

Reading instructions: We made a big mistake... When I was working before the MSc I was in a company that invested money on Marketing. It happened once that we didn't know how to invest the money so we decided to do Marketing Research what gave great advices on how to do it. Therefore I proposed to do the same with the exercise. Never the less.. the point of the exercise was to work with the decision making, not with what would we do on real life. I know its gonna cost us points, but better that I learn the lesson on a safety environment rather than in a dangerous one.. Always look at the full half of the glass.

In resume, I think this exercise was great. It helped me to learn about Decision Making Tools, Presentation Skills and reading instructions. Now I'm ready to work on the PMA and keep with my learnings.. After all, that why I came to Warwick :)

March 06, 2016

Motivation & Engagement

I've been thinking during the last weeks what is the relationship between Engagement and Motivation. I think I've found an explanation I can feel confortable with.

Motivation is the propensity to pursue a goal with energy and persistance (Goleman 2004) while engagement I have understood is more of how you feel/act while trying to achieve that goal.

Something that helped me a lot was when a colleague told me he was very motivated to achieve his degree... Never the less he wasnt engaged at all with a module. Therefore his motivation was very high as he had persistance on achieveing his goal but his engagement was very low.

RDM Taught Blog

Last week I attended the taught lectures of the RDM Module which comprised of 2 days + 1 Seminar.

In summay, I think RBD is a great tool that can help us no only on our professional career but also on normal life important decisions. The following are the points that helped and enjoyed me the most to understand that:

- First day was the best. It was very interactive and shocking at the same time. Interactive because a lot of videos, images and resources were used to keep the students' interaction. Shocking because it proved us how wrong is our judgement. First because very often we decide to use a mistaken system to make decisions and then because of all the heuristic and Bias we have :o

-The second day was algo very good but a bit difficult to follow. We learnt about the different techniques there exist to solve problems. From the easist ones to the most complicated ones. From PESTLE, Simple Decision Theory up to Portofolio Planning and Scenarios Planning. It is a very broad number of tools, I think it is good to have an overview but I think it would be better to go with a smaller range of tools but on a deeper way. Therefore, we would become much better in using thos selected tools rather than knowing the existance of many tools.

-Third Day was good to reinforce the topics we have selected. It helped to practice and also to get a closer look at the chosen topics.

As an overall view, I think it was a very good week. I can only think of two things I would strongly recommend to make different:

1. I would recommend doing a wrap-up 1-pager. One page that summarizes (or maybe a mindmap) the different problems that affect judgements, the steps to analyze, the different tools, etc.

2. And most important, The Classroom. The IDL room is very very bad for giving these kind of lectures. Interaction drops down, neck pain starts and many students attention fall down. Using this classroom is something that affects very bad the lecture and I would strongly suggest not using it again. For the sake of the MBE students and for the sake of the PHD students that had a rough time listening to our chitchats during coffe breaks.... But as well.... what can you expect of offices with no walls... I think is better for everyone if that classroom is not used anymore

February 23, 2016

Is giving 150% really good? or should we keep the 100%?

I dont have much time to write, but Ill stop from what Im doing because of what Ive heard blogs/diaries can help you to. First express your feelings and make you stop worrying about them and second having a better learning analyzing all the situation.

So I have been encouraged to give 150% in my Modules. It is not easy but I feel very motivated doing my masters and profiting of everything I can learn. Besides, I believe that when you give your best is when you learn the most. But by giving your best, your 150%, are you letting other things down??? Thats my question for this blog

Because I chose the elective I wanted, the one what would help the most to achieve my learning objectives I ended with a 5 straight weeks of lectures...

I thought it was the right thing to do because Ive paid so much energy, time and money coming to do this Postgrad that I should foucs in what I wanted to learn, not in my grades.

Never the less, Now I feel mad at me. By giving the 150% to he modules + advancing on my dissertation Ive left in a corner a PMA of a difficult and not so loved module for me. As engineering isnt my strength, the 5,000 PEUSS PMA is taking me more than I thought.

As a summary, today is tuesday, week of FACS Module and the inmodule counts as 50% of the final grade so I really need to be working on it. As well, on Monday I need to deliver the 5,000 words PMA. I asked for an extension do the many modules in a row but it was rejected as I should have worked on it during Leadership weeks.... But I gave my 150% to this module which I had been looking for as my favorite of the MSC..

So Im trying to learn what do I need to do different for next time:

Should I stop giving 150%?

Should I care more about the grade and just do what is asked for and not give the extra?

I my time management really that bad?

Should I not chose the desired elective and go for an easier one?

Im sure with time Ill know the answer, but at least for now I have expressed myself. And it is true what they say.. I feel better

See you around,

Magic Mac

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