June 19, 2011

Diversity of Learning Styles

Unearthing Learning Preferences

In order to make an efficient use of our learning, we should be able to determine the ways we can utilise these learning styles to the maximum. Therefore, we should not only hone these styles in isolation of others, but it is also incumbent that we develop that latent styles that we do not pay much attention to in most cases. By taking the forty items in the Honey learning styles questionnaires, I have come up as an extremely Activist and Pragmatist with corresponding nine and ten out of ten scores. Thus, I felt the need to develop the other learning styles categories, namely Theorist and Reflector or what other researchers prefer to call them ''Thinking'' styles as opposed to ''Doing'' styles.

After careful understanding of my forte points, I realised the importance to develop the other styles which were relevant to my current environmental demands within my MA study at Warwick University. I found out that I have a tendency to do things only when I see a direct application for them in real life. In addition, my enthusiasm to put ideas forward prevented me from paying attention to other people's points of views which left a gap in my knowledge as well as my social capabilities. Not to mention that I do not have a systematic way of performing an organised schedule or organising my priorities. Having realised these gaps in my knowledge and bearing in mind that gradual and focused improvement has positive impact on a person's development, I devised these three action points for my subsequent future development:

1- Because I decided to collect qualitative data for my dissertation through interviews, I will focus on developing my listening skills to get the best interactive results from the other part. I am intending to do so by applying the Active Listening technique in which we maintain eye contact, check understanding, and interact to the other person's message rather than following our own agenda in speaking. This would guarantee optimum exchange of information and engage the other interactant fully in a natural way.

2- Adopting courses of action because of their apparent applicability in real life is a useful starting point, but lacks the critical thinking that would scratch under the surface to find the underpinning theories behind these frameworks. Furthermore, they ensure a better understanding of the way they things function. Therefore, I decided to link the theories I am learning to real-world practice in order to givea purposeful meaning to the act of reading. By doing so, I will have linked theory with practice and even gained a better understanding of the plausibility of these theories in the real world. In addition, I will have acquired a learning-oriented perspective as opposed to a performance-oriented one.

3- Due to hectic study schedules and deadlines, I have always depended on my hunch and what I called ''Creative Chaos'' to achieve my goals. However, this method has not always been helpful because I have fallen short of achieving all my goals consistently without dropping one or two objective along the way. Therefore, I decided to impose a certain type of self-discipline on my studying habits in order to allocate equal time to diversed tasks and academic requirements. In addition, I will prioritise my work on tasks in a systematic way that pushes forward the most persistent demands to the front in a way that could enable me to put my mind at ease once my first on the list is dealt with. Moreover, this proioritising would protect me from procrastination from focusing on the ''Here and Now'' ot short-lived tasks rather than focusing on the long-term improvement ones.


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  1. Han-na Cha

    Hi Sam,

    These are good action points and I’m looking forward to reading updates on them.

    For no. 3 this would be a good to tie in with the ‘Organising Yourself and Your time’ workshop.

    Best of luck,

    21 Jun 2011, 17:07

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