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March 31, 2011

Overcoming the Transient Obstacles

Follow-up to Managing Myself and the Others from Sam's blog

                                                                   Overcoming the Transient Obstacles

As I was applying my action plan in time-management, I had faced some challenges along the way that enriched my experience and led me to improve myself on the personal and professional level, too. Some of these stumble blocks were mainly:

1- Keeping a balance between my academic and extra-curricular activities and I employed an amazing strategy that is doing the most difficult or challenging thing first thing in the morning. By doing this, I was able to thwart my Avoidance Strategies and procrastination in the sense that I expended my most efficient energy in doing the most difficlt part of the day and then divided what is left on the not-so-challenging part. In addition, it gave me self-confidence and a sense of achievement at the end of the day. I felt good about myself.

2- Another major obstacle and time-consuming obstacle that I had not realised before was the extensive use of 'Facebook'. It may cause you to wonder, but it is true because just checking my friends' statuses would waste a considerable amount of time and energy while studying. Therefore, I applied the reward system technique in the sense that I broke down my tasks into phases and after finishing a phase, I allowed my self to check 'facebook'. I have to say that doing this saved me a whale of time ,plus I was able to enjoy surfing ''Facebook'' instead of having guilt while commenting on my friends' status.

3-  After handing in seven assignments already, and have to do wo in time limitations, I devised an achievement plan. In the sense, I made a broad realistic plan of what I wanted to accomplish before my deadlines and then use a miniature day-to-day plan as a Checkpoint System to bolster my sense of achievement at the end of the day.

4- The last point I overcame was fear. I would always divert from the main task if it is difficult and do everything that is unrelated to it. Therefore, I came up with a plan that breaks the daunting tasks into smaller manageable chunks that would remove anxiety and adjusted my attitude from saying ''I have to do this task because I have no choice'' to '' I am doing this task that I will enjoy and learn from.

Learning how to deploy various strategies to overcome the challenges I have faced helped my develop multiple skills, save more time, and boosted my self-confidence ,too.  

Operationalising Note–Taking techniques

Follow-up to Honing Skills on Note–Taking from Sam's blog

                                                           Operationalising Note-Taking Techniques

I have just handed in two assignments this morning and I have a great self of achievement and confidence because I could put the techniques I had learnt in practice.

1- Instead of wasting a whole day doing my references after finishing doing my assignment, I gained an extra day that I used efficiently in editing my assignment as well as my referenicing. This gave me great confidence not to mention that it served ti improve the quality of my essay.

2-Having had a focus on making notes while writing, I did the literature reading bearing in mind only the necessary points I wanted to include in my notes in response to the assginment question. Therefore, I had succinct and well-focused notes.

3- I have to say that writing my notes using Mind-mapping had a washback, or a revision impact after finishing reading for each chapter because tyoing on the computer increases the awareness of accuracy and flow of coherent ideas. In additionm I improved the way I organised the notes in different levels and categories in the process.

I would recommend talking the Note-taking workshop for its huge cumulative benefits that resulted in revamping my writing skills, as you can see form my first and last entries, and subsequently producing a better coherent and well-organised essay...........

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