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March 16, 2011

Art of Note–Taking

                                                                      The Art of Note-Taking

The problem with taking notes is that it takes a while for the learner to perfect its use. My major problem with taking notes was re-writing the whole course book instead of just putting the most important features on paper. Therefore, I devised some highly benificial points for my note-taking . Some of these are:

1- Instead of repeating what is said in the whole page, I would go for the most important key words and put them on sticky-notes to the side of the book.

2-Not to organise and re-write the notes I had taken because it would be time-consuming.

3-Keep in mind a certain focus on reading and only make notes that are relevant to the wuestion I have on paper or in mind.

4-After finishing a whole article or a book chapter, I would start organising my notes on a word file in an orderly fashion to leep a fixed safety net for me in case I forget or lose track of the previous notes of points of focus I made.

These steps helped me to save time, achieve more in less time, and write my essays easily by going back to the notes I had made earlier. not to mention the ability to exclude all the ones that are irrelevant to me.

Honing Skills on Note–Taking

Follow-up to Art of Note–Taking from Sam's blog

                                                                                          Honing Skills on Note-Taking

I would like to thank you for the great advice about organising the notes for my dissertation. As a matter of fact, I just had a research methodology class now and realised the amount of research I have to do. Therefore, It would seem to me that an action-plan could help me to overcome this problem:

1- Following your advice, I will now arrange my referencing while writing because it's an arduous, even daunting task to do for an assignment, not to say a disseratation.

2-I will definitely start to organise my notes in a thematic way so that I wouldn't be lost going through all of them to find the one I need in particular.

3- Another step related to note-making is polishing my skills using the mind-mapping using the computer programs.

Honing Skills on Note–Taking

Follow-up to Art of Note–Taking from Sam's blog

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