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March 15, 2011

Speed Reading

Follow-up to Speed Reading from Sam's blog

                                                                            Reading Effectively

When I first started to read, I would spend hours focusing on every single word and look up all the words that I did not understand in the dictionary. After I had taken the workshop on speed reading, I realised that there are certain points or strategies to bear in mind while reading. Therefore,  I put into action the following points:

1- Reading using my finger as a pointer to follow all the new words with great attention without getting hung up on studying the single word-meanings. By doing so, I can now skim through the articles very quickly in almost half the time I'm used to. this also helped my eyes focus on a focal point in the page rather than going astray from one corner of the page to the other.

2-Trying to read and understand as much as possible while going on to try to achieve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. This technique empowered me with the self-confidence and a sense of achievement every time I would read five or ten pages. Then, I could go back to double check or focus on one point.

3-I also learnt to underline the most important words as I go by especially the ones that I feel more salient to me.

4-The last step that proved most beneficial to me was not repeating the words in my head after reading them. This proved to be both time-efficient and more effective in comprehension, too. It is amazing how much the brain can process if we trust ourself and continue reading without repeating ourself and trusting our abilities to understand from the first time.

Following all the steps mentioned earlier helped me to improve my reading skills in terms of speed and understanding. They also raised my confidence and I was able to take interval breaks every once and a while which helped me to stay focused and refreash my appetite for reading again!

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