July 01, 2016

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

It could be difficult to start planning strategic business plan from scratch. The need of starting where others end is necessary.

I remember Vernon- in one of his lecture -when he was explaining aspects related to the dissertation writing he said: you can make a recipe based on the available stuff in the fridge, or you list the stuff you need and then buy them to make a specific recipe.

Similarly, I have applied the first bit of this saying, while I am attempting to set 5 years implementation plan for health and safety asset management within WaveRider.

I complied different organizations and companies Health and safety plans and developed them to fit the WavRider situation with considering the cost. Still, a lot to do to make this plan almost perfect.

June 28, 2016

Efficient management of assets

A vital priority for the top management has been to considerably strengthen the management of an organization assets. The importance of this change includes further improving the strength of data and processes, increasing capacity and putting in place stronger control and decision-making. This changes will require a high commitment to maintaining a good approach to data capturing, an appropriate technique for storage and analysis, and aligning the capacity with functions regarding the assets capabilities.

Efficient management of assets

A vital priority for the top management has been to considerably strengthen the management of an organization assets. The importance of this change includes further improving the strength of data and processes, increasing capacity and putting in place stronger control and decision-making. This changes will require a high commitment to maintaining a good approach to data capturing, an appropriate technique for storage and analysis, and aligning the capacity with functions regarding the assets capabilities.

June 19, 2016

How to further develop a strategic asset management for a long term plan?

To develop a strategic plan for asset management, the first thing that an organization should do whether it is in the public or private sector is to understand how a strategic plan in managing their asset can enhance their capabilities in providing the best services to their stakeholders. Through, understanding how efficient their resources are being utilized.

After that, the organization should examine the asset that they obsessed and plan a head their future cost and also, the maximum value that organization gets out from them as a return. Gathering all the information required is very essential before setting any plan. Here information will tell how much are the assets match the needs of the organization.

In addition, this information will highlight issues such as asset need more attention and some asset need to be replaced…etc. As a result decisions of holding or upgrading, some of the available assets will follow. Once the comprehensive understanding is being covered and decisions are taken regard which asset needs more attention as being a strategic asset, which asset needs to be replaced and which asset need to be invested more on it, then the organization can create the strategic plan for an individual asset. This strategic plan should include a guideline of how the organization can make the best utilization of the assets and get the best value out of them.

A reflection on the importance of asset management for an organization

Well documenting the asset of an organization is allow us to track them easily later. That might be hard as a recording process and could require IT system in some cases. However, that can save the organization money and time later. Asset management is the operation of utilizing the resources of the organization to get the best out of them as a return for the stakeholders. An individual organization could have a broad range of asset either as fixed asset or as a liquid asset or as both.

Well-tracking the assets allows the organization well-informed where each asset are located, how they are utilized, and when change or modifications made to them. Also, effective tracking of the assets will enhance the organization’s abilities to control its assets from different locations effectively. In addition, the recovery of the asset would be much easier as that’s will be reflected in an asset management system immediately after any change occur for any asset. For example, once some assets of stock sold or replaced, it will record as sold or replaced in the business’s record or book, therefore more storage space will be available.

June 18, 2016

Knoweledge management

An Effective knowledge management should allow us to reduce cost.Better documenting and analyzing what an organization obsesses (as Data, information, knowledge, previous decisions, feedback) will enable its better planning and utilizing resources. Also, the efficient planning will align the organization's objectives with the stakeholder's requirement.

It is obvious that reducing cost would be a desperate need for the majority of the businesses around the world because that will give them more opportunities to expand and grow, also, will increase their value or profitability.

Therefore, consistent working in improving the knowledge management capabilities within an organization would allow its achieve the desired outcome. Also, the better managing knowledge, the better the abilities asset management become.

June 16, 2016

Effective knowledge management

Better knowing our stakeholder’s requirement and needs has an evident immediate impact on our relationship management. It is clear how effective knowledge management will significantly contribute to improve excellence. Also, understanding and being knowledgeable of the resources either as human resources or as physical asset will make the organisation excel and shine.

June 14, 2016

Is the knowledge management effect the organization’s performance regarding decision–making process

I have come across surprising information in how the knowledge management impacts a particular organization performance. KM is a key factor for the organization to overcome a lot of issues within a working environment such as blame culture and Lake of the knowledge sharing. The blame culture is quite common in a different organization which it causes a lack of productivity, wasted time, and hard feelings being created. The blame culture might be led and developed by various reasons, but all of them are reversible with the use of appropriate management practices and some logical thinking such as effective communication techniques and checking assumption approach before responding. The blame culture may lead to other consequences like it may reduce creativity-innovation - significantly because employees will be afraid of making mistakes.

A well documenting of the information and data, proper sharing of the knowledge and effective KM within the organization will enhance the decision-making process and speed it up. Also, effective KM allows the best utilization of the available recourses.

It is evident that there is a strong relationship between the KM and the quality’s performance of the organization.

The organization must ensure that the right knowledge is available and accessible in the right forms to the right people, also at the right time with a cost-effective.

The decision-making process is a knowledge intensive activities with knowledge as its stock materials, processing or work in process by commodities and the outcome of the business. Therefore, a shortage of information in one of these items might delay the decision process and might lead to loss the business later.

Applying this to my work could be hard to some extent. However making a database of all the documents, files, and data about a certain decision–making process that relates to an individual issue will enhance my decision-making skills. Also, all of that actions will allow me best utilizing of my organization resources and then exploit them in a direction aligning with my organization strategies and objectives.

The importance of situational awareness at all level

How we make sense in what come encounter with could be a definition of awareness, how we act upon an immediate action will tell how much I am aware of what is going around me. Making sense of the information available, making a high quality of interpretation and putting accurate anticipation from a written information or a verbal one is enhancing the level of awareness with us. Those practices and training that might help in increasing the situational awareness efficiently. Awareness is the ability to know directly and perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions

I have read and observed a lot of accidents either its cars, train, bus, and aircraft accidents, in fact, I have seen some cars accidents happening or collision in front of me. Also, I was about to do serious accidents twice in my past life; I have experienced the lake of awareness in that cases and other similar cases back at work.

I firmly believe that most of the car accidents are because of human errors and because of not paying enough attention to the surrounding available information -lack of awareness- also, not paying full attention to driving.

Similarly, the awareness is crucial in working environment and in all daily working activities. Awareness should be rising at all level of the work culture through involving all employees in a particular organization and through sharing information at all level that will lead to increase the efficiency in the work and will minimize human errors effectively. Also, raising the situational awareness gives best utilizing of resources.

I have learned a lot of useful information about the situational awareness; my next challenge will be to apply this in real life situation. Also, raising the situational awareness back at work. Although, this will require high effort and a lot of dedication the outcome will deduce at the end worth all of that.

Moreover, the situational awareness is not a one person duty. It might be described as completed process -from my point of view-, as input, process, and output. Also, It could be true that situational awareness emphasized by managers and leaders where all the information available shared and all employees involved. Knowledge (information, data) required should be provided, be clearly accessible, and well-displayed in order to achieve the best outcome of a set goals and objectives.

June 03, 2016

The importance of knowledge management

The importance of the role of knowledge management could be highlighted as following (as far as I have understood the topic)

• It helps in reducing costs by eliminating lengthy or unnecessary procedures; it is also working to improve customer service, by reducing the time in term of providing the required services.
• It enhances the continues improvement process and the journey of new products innovation and services through applying the knowledge available.
• Enhance the organization's capabilities in maintaining organized performance based on the experience and knowledge and improve it.

• It provides an opportunity for a competitive advantage for organizations, through its contribution in enabling these organizations to adopt more creativities regarding new products and services.
• It supports the efforts to take advantage of all the tangible and intangible assets, through providing a clear framework for strengthening the organizational knowledge.

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