June 12, 2005

moon powered by the sun

just heard possibly THE stupidest thing…..EVER

rue (part of "rue and james" on mercia fm) thought the "moon was powered by the sun"

that is stoopid…..VERY stoopid….. i can understand that "arty-farty" arts students might not understand basic physics…...still

moon powered by the sun???!!!!


any stupider comments would b welcome cos im worried about the intelligence of our radio broadcasters

"the moon's powered by the sun".......4 fuck's sake

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  1. I'm worried that the population at large is losing its ability to think and observe (and I'm an arts student). It's frightening how many otherwise intelligent people believe in the power of horoscopes, palm-reading and tarot.

    Of course, thinking things through logically is a difficult business and so most people prefer to do so as little as possible.

    12 Jun 2005, 13:11

  2. I was watching The Politics Show a few minutes ago while havin my lunch. There was a feature about nuclear power. Someone texted in to the show to say that the solution to our future energy crisis is nuclear, but build them under ground so that there can be a "scientifically controlled meltdown". Haha. What is a "controlled meltdown"? Given the measures in place in modern nuclear power stations a meltdown is impossible anyway. And why do unqualified, uneducated people think they know better about the safety of nuclear energy that people who make it their life career to learn about and implement safe practice in the industry. If you don't know anything about it, then don't make stupid coments about it and pretend like you do.

    12 Jun 2005, 13:42

  3. Eugh fucking Rue and James. Hate 'em.

    12 Jun 2005, 15:28

  4. rue has a very sexy voice though

    22 Jun 2005, 23:59

  5. dudley cripps

    Listen to Tommy Boyd, oh yes, you should you know…
    its FANTASTIC radio.

    21 Sep 2005, 00:46

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