February 03, 2005

My first blog entry…

This is the start of my blog. A small entry, and a small moment of indulgence to me, just me.

I have setup a gallery. To those who stumble on this blog, feel free to browse it. I am hoping to add more interesting pictures as time progresses. You will find it to the left of this entry page.

My real webpage is currently under development. Please feel free to 'Check it Out'. It can be found through this link : Ali's Webpage

For people who are interested, I am an active member of the uni boat club. Rowing is a positive and enjoyable sport with many rewards. Few can deny the endorphine rush achieved after a grueling race. Feel free to visit the boat club site too at this link: Warwick Boat Club

I also feel an instinctive urge to big up Warwick snow, Horse! Check out these naked big drinking horse loving nutcases at this address: Warwick Snow

Also worth a mention at this point prehaps are my housemates' clubs, who I also feel the need to plug.
Notable are Wing-tsun Kung Fu (Tall Tom is el-presidente), Free Spirits Cocktail Society (katie is also a manic dictator) and the Running Club (for which Roz controls the Alcohol… hmm). I hope all my links are correct, otherwise, let me know.

You can mail me at agwright99@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

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