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February 14, 2006

You know Rev's taken over your life…

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…when typing the word 'relevance' you type 'revelation' without realising!

November 08, 2005

What makes people 'tick'?

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I've foolishly agreed to do a Pause for Thought tonight.

Last week I had a great idea about this – involving the idea of community and talking about blogs, Revelation websites and messageboards, media team, WIM, National Rev etc…but now I'm thinking of talking about my PhD research and what led me to do it.

Personally I'd prefer to find out about a person and what makes them tick than to know about different ways of joining Rev communities.

This led me to my next thought – surely you have to know about people before wanting to join a community?

For example, this blog community – the most commented on blogs tend to be where people tell you the innermost details of their lives, for example, Mat Mannion and Casey whereas blogs that talk about other people and tasks, such as Innovating Research! and Neighbourhood #1 hardly get any comments…

Arghh…what shall I do?

October 28, 2005

More Rev bloggers!

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I've just persuaded the lovely Kelly from Aberdeen Revelation that she wanted a blog, so here is her first entry. As you can see, she has a good body, but needs some love…

October 04, 2005

Bangor Rev road trip

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Despite yesterday's mammoth blog entry I didn't mention my Revelation weekend trip to Bangor (the one in North Wales not Northern Ireland), so here goes:

Travelling This didn't start too well as I had forgotten that I had parked in University House car park instead of Westwood and therefore didn't have any change to get out. I did test the entrance/exit system by putting my unpaid for ticket into the machine (I was trying to leave after 6pm so I thought it might be free), unfortunately for me, and the queue of cars behind me, it wasn't, so I had to reverse out and ring Thor to bring some money to get me out. I was giving Thor (plus Rich and Nikki) a lift to Bangor as well so didn't feel too bad about ringing him!

Tea We got to Bangor at 11pm after stopping at Keele Services for KFC (a tradition for Revelation road trips) and meeting Kelly (from Aberdeen Revelation) at the station.

Warning Do not try and drive around Bangor to find a parking space with 5 people, luggage and a saxophone in a car with a 1.2 engine – the hills are far too steep so you may end up rolling backwards!

Singing We spend most of Saturday learning songs ready for the concert on Saturday evening. I can't really remember much about it as I was so tired, but photos of the concert will be on the National Rev website soon.

Sunday We were performing at the Church where we had been sleeping and rehearsing so went to their morning service. It's a bit difficult to describe as it was quite different to all the other churches I have visited. Highlights include: the length (3 hours), the free worship (member of congregation starts singing a song – everyone joins in – then music group join in), Jess falling asleep and snoring during the service.

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