October 28, 2005

My life in a graph!

Writing about Life sucks and then some more from [TBA]

Well, seeing as Thor's done this – I thought I'd do it to! It's not too bad to look at – although it's not accurate.

I think my friends and family score went down as my Mum died two years ago and 3/4 of my grandparents have died…so it reckons that I have no family. That's not quite true though as although a lot of my family are in Cardiff, my aunty and cousins are only 20 minutes away from campus, so I see them regularly.

Finance-wise looks amazing, probably because I said I was working – and it didn't matter if I was a temp or not and they didn't ask how many days a week I have a job for! In real terms, I've got less money to spend that when I was an undergraduate and waitressing in Pizza Hut…hmmm…somedays I really miss that time in my life!

Spirit life – looks good – probably because I'm Christian and the questions kept asking about faith and morality…yet another reason why it's great to be Christian.

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  1. Are you sure we live in the same house?

    28 Oct 2005, 17:25

  2. Yes, because I got home after work and you were sitting on the sofa with your laptop.

    28 Oct 2005, 17:28

  3. So if a person is sitting on the sofa with his/her laptop, they live in your house? Guess we need some extra rooms…

    28 Oct 2005, 17:34

  4. …guess so!

    28 Oct 2005, 17:39

  5. Life's allright for you. I only scored 6.4 with a meagre 2 for love!
    Someone pass me the knife…

    28 Oct 2005, 18:57

  6. Mathew Mannion

    You win, well done.

    28 Oct 2005, 19:01

  7. oh – I didn't realise it was a competition – is there a prize?

    28 Oct 2005, 23:24

  8. Mathew Mannion

    Having an ace life?

    29 Oct 2005, 23:12

  9. That'll do – is there a consolation prize for Thor (and others like him)?

    30 Oct 2005, 16:02

  10. Mathew Mannion

    I'm not really sure. Compared to most people on here Thor got a decent score

    30 Oct 2005, 17:18

  11. Be thankful Thor – if you're working off the stats then your life would be worse if you didn't live with me!

    31 Oct 2005, 10:31

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