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November 08, 2005

What makes people 'tick'?

Writing about web page

I've foolishly agreed to do a Pause for Thought tonight.

Last week I had a great idea about this – involving the idea of community and talking about blogs, Revelation websites and messageboards, media team, WIM, National Rev etc…but now I'm thinking of talking about my PhD research and what led me to do it.

Personally I'd prefer to find out about a person and what makes them tick than to know about different ways of joining Rev communities.

This led me to my next thought – surely you have to know about people before wanting to join a community?

For example, this blog community – the most commented on blogs tend to be where people tell you the innermost details of their lives, for example, Mat Mannion and Casey whereas blogs that talk about other people and tasks, such as Innovating Research! and Neighbourhood #1 hardly get any comments…

Arghh…what shall I do?

Hell's Kitchen USA

TV image
Hell's Kitchen USA
Not rated

If you've been watching this show then you'll know where I'm coming from with this thought:

To be a successful head chef do you have to be rude and demeaning to your sub-chefs?

Last night, the editing made the audience assume that Michael (the guy who went on to win Hell's Kitchen) only became effective as a head chef when he started being insulting and aggressive towards his team…

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