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October 22, 2005

The girl in the toilet

I guess this is a blog that mainly applies to girls, but I guess a really really drunken girl (or maybe not so drunk) girl has stumbled into the mens.

But often on a night out, you can go into the toilet and you can find a girl in the toilet having typical self doubt.

'I don't like what I'm wearing',
' I'm too fat'.
'I'm ugly' etc..

But the point of this blog isn't to moan at those girls, because what they say is perfectly normal for women. But this blog is just to say thankyou to all those girls in the toilet who don't laugh or sneer at the drunk girl in the toilet, but reassure her and tell her she's beautiful, or pick out a physical trait that they would like to have and compliment her on it.

Oh yes, at one time or another I have been that girl in the toilet, so I am saying thankyou to all those wonderful people out there who just try to make my night, and other girls nights better and who knows maybe I too have reassured them in a similar way.

Trouble with my landlord

I absolutely LOVE where I am living. Its half an hours walk away from uni, has an enormous garden, the people I'm living with are great, my room is quite big and comfortable, but…...

Oh yes there's always a but.
At the moment we're having problems with our landlord. He has blocked our driveway and that of our fellow neighbours, who are also students. So now we can't park in the drive, I have had to park down some quiet road somewhere and when I often come home very late by myself walking back along quite dark roads isn't very nice.

So why has our landlord done this. Well it all comes down to money, yes he wants more money from the university for us to park in the driveway. Well if this isn't enough, before the actual parking barrier was errected it was laying on the ground in the entrance of our drive and we were instructed not to touch it in any way lest we should damage it and have to pay for it. So yesterday one of my housemates girfriends damaged her car on the driveway, so now there's engine oil all over the driveway and where we have been walking in it, over the entrance hall carpet.

There is no way I'm paying for that!

On Thursday while we were playing 'I have never..' I didn't drink when they said, "I have never said bad things about my landlord", but now I can definately say, that yes I have said bad things about him. He has been so incredibly selfish.

But still, I wouldn't want to move from here. I love this house, I love the people I'm living with and I'm still so happy to be here with them all!

Buying drinks at the union

Follow-up to Sexism from Alis in Wonderland

So previously I said that the uni was different to most bars as they didn't make any preferances towards men or women when buying drinks. Well since coming back to uni I've realised what I said before was a bunch of crap!

I was shocked and suprised when it took one of my housemates (male by the way) over 15 minutes to get our drinks and the only reason we got our drinks was because he asked a girl to buy them for us. It has never taken me that long to get a drink.

But one thing I think it comes down to is the mad crush around the bar, I have found that I am able to squeeze myself to the front whereas I have never seen a guy do this. Maybe its because the guys don't want to do this, maybe they can't, I don't know.
But now I see why so many guys asks girls to buy them their drinks. It really does take a shorter time.

October 05, 2005

If only life were like a hindi movie

I love watching foreign films, and last Sunday I went to the cinema in Coventry to see Salaam Namaste (greetings – I think!).
This was not my first hindi film, but considering most of the other hindi films I'd seen in the past were in black and white, so I was suprised by the very modern thems presented in the film.

But life would be so much fun if it were like a hindi movie. Well, why?
Well there's all that singing and dancing for one, good looking people everywhere (who wouldn't object) and life is always interesting (with those rivetting, slightly soap opery type plots).

Ahh but it's back to regular life now, with assignments, lectures, jobs, money etc. but who says there can't be singing and dancing throughout the day….....

Why oh Why ~ Societies

Why oh why am I joining all the alcohol societies.
Real ale – I hate ale, but the tshirt looks cool and it'd be fun to help at the real ale festival and the socials look like fun.
Free spirits – so I like shots, but if I learn how to make cocktails it'd be fun
and the strangest one of all:
Wine and whisky appreciation – I don't like wine or whisky, I hate both of them, but I think that it'd be cool if I could appreciate them and be able to tell if they're good or not.

Other societies, well there's too many, salsa, latin, break dancing, salsa, streetvibe, mathsoc (um doesn't quite fit in). I'm just trying to decide which ones to keep. So last year I hardly went to any, and this year it looks as though I'm planning on doing too much.

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