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August 23, 2005

Me and my low alcohol tolerance

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs I am in Spain at the moment.

Whilst here I have been trying local foods and drink. While in the Basque country I tried cider, a drink which I enjoy and found I enjoyed more and now that I am in Cantabria I have just tried a local drink and have found that I am rather dizzy (there goes my resolution not to write blogs under the infulence).

All year I have known that I have a very low alcohol tolerance, but I am still shocked by it. I have a shot of a drink at 15% and I am really really dizzy adn have the strange urge to laugh and laugh and laugh.

I just hope my mum doesnīt notice!

While on holiday

Although during the term I often feel as though I am too busy to do anything that I actually want to do, at the moment I really miss having something to do.

So Iīm on holiday with my family in Spain, not much of a big deal really, but I find that I am really missing having somethign to do. While travelling in the car for hours from one camp site to the next I often find myself wasting my time on thinking about stupid things.

For example during these holidays I have finally worked out why a Moses basket is called such, the name comes from the Bible story (something that has taken me a very long time to work out).
Similar revelations have come to me while on this holiday most of which have been stupid and when spoken aloud has caused everyone in my family to laugh.

"Only mad dogs and englishmen….

".....go out in the midday sun"

OK, so whats the point of this, well I guess its true.
Well at the moment I am holidaying in Spain, and although Iīm not doing much Iīm having a good time.

At the moment Iīm in the pyranees and today my dad and I decided to go walking up a mountain. Well not a big deal, but we decided to do this at midday with no sun protection, me in a dress and with no water.

While walking up we past some Spanish people walking down who told us that we were courageous for going up with no water, bloody stupid if you ask me.
And this istnīt the first time weīve done this. In actyual fact this is thesecond time and its not as bad as the first wher we were doing a 26mile trek up a mountain in Colombia.

These things only happen with my dad, with my muym they would never happen.
We have been doing crazy things such as inching along cliff precipes since an early age and Iīm sure my dad will encourage us to do these things for much longer.

Stupid comment of theday "Its quite hilly here

August 08, 2005


At the moment all of my blogs seem to be rather eratic. Iīm not sure why this is, or why I canīt seem to express myself well at the moment. But I would like to apologies to anyone if they are offended by something I write as I probably didnīt mean to do that.
They will hopefully return to a more normal state (for me) soon.

Ammendments and apologies

Follow-up to Gold diggers from Alis in Wonderland

OK, after being told by a friend and having read through my previous entry I realised that I did come across as being pretentious. This really wasnīt what I wanted to do (obviously).

So instead of deleting the entry and pretending it never happened. I would like to apologise to anyone who read it and misinterpreted it and having reread it I realise that I forgot to put the most important thing.

THat yes there are people like that, and I donīt understand that behaviour, but luckily I have friends (yes I do have friends) who feel the same way. There are lots and lots and lots of people out there who do not follow thsi thinking and are genuinly nice people.

I guess the point I was trying to get across (but achieved it badly) was the fact that you canīt judge people based on what they look like. That was what I was thinking of when I started writing it.

August 07, 2005

All better now

Follow-up to Where am I?!?! from Alis in Wonderland

My family didnīt mean to lock me in with no water, when they returned they were shocked to find that this had been the case.
So now Iīm all fed and watered but still tired.

My mum told us to pack warm clothes as weīre going camping and she said it was going to be cold here. But its so hot here. I really donīt know what Iīm going to do with the jumpers Iīve brought…

Where am I?!?!

So I havenīt had any sleep in about 2 days and this morning my family and I left for our holiday in Spain.
We arrived here about 9 oīclock Spanish time and arrived at our friends house not long after.
Well as I was tired they suggested that I could go to bed and I decided to do this as Iīm very tired and as I really donīt know these people and being awake and not cranky would probaby give a better impression.

So Iīve just woken up, but where is everyone, and more importantly where am I.

Iīm locked in with no water and its really stuffy in here.
I know my family will come back but when_

August 06, 2005

It's ok when you're 6

There are some things that are ok to do when you're younger and when you're older they are just simply unacceptable and this is one of those things.

So every Wednesday there is a market in the town where I live and this is one of the rare times when the town centre is full of people. So this week I went with my mum, my younger sister and her friend to the market in the search for things for my older sister's birthday.

I had been walking around for some time when a woman came up to me and said softly, "Your skirt is tucked in at the back"

Now this is something that is definately acceptable to do and even cute when you're 6 but when you're 19 and have been walking around like that for a very long time it is definately not.
However I was not particularly embarassed, more amused, as it is something I have not done in a very very long time.
I wasn't even annoyed when my younger sister told me that she'd noticed it and just thought that it was part of my skirt.

Not a good start to a day

Follow-up to My eye hurts from Alis in Wonderland

OK, so I have to put this stuff in my eye or more rightly on my eye every night otherwise it really hurts.

I have problems putting this stuff in my eye as I don't like putting things close to my eye that will potentially poke it.

So I was putting this in the other night and not concentrating when to my pleasure I realised that I had done it very quickly with no problems. It was only then that it dawned on me that I had put it in the wrong eye!

So I then had to repeat the process, which took slightly longer this time, on the other eye.
Now after having done this I realised that my vision was completely blurry, so I could no longer continue with the reading that I had previously been doing. So begrudgingly I went to bed and decided to set the alarm on my mobile.

However, as my vision was blurry instead of setting my alarm for the reasonable time of 9.30 I set it for 6.30.

Needless to say I was rather irritated when I realised it was 6.30 and I was awake before anyone in the house, especially as I couldn't get back to sleep

August 04, 2005

Gold diggers

Writing about web page

Last year I went to visit my family in Colombia. While I was there I spent a lot of time with my male cousins, who took me out and basically told me about their lives and about things there. I mean I knew about the country but more the social modern aspects of the country that did not agree with my familys moral views.

One of the things that really shocked me was that they told me that most of the girls, especially (and obviously) the girls from rich families normally had lots of plastic surgery; breast enhancements, deriere enhancements, nose jobs etc.
The other thing that I was suprised to find was that they told me that a lot of girls, not some, but most of the girls that they had ever known were all after money. By this I mean they were after a man with a lot of money who would buy them all the things that they would like. The women there see love by what the man buys them. The more jewellery and expensive clothes that the man buys for them, the more he loves them. Or more plainly the more they love them.
From things that my cousin's also said, the women there also see it as a great shame to do jobs such as waitressing.

Personally I do not understand this behaviour. I was shocked that the women there could be that way and I remember commenting that women here were not like that, to which my older sister said that they were. Perhaps I am blind.

But I don't understand this at all, I probably do have some rather antiquated ideas about the way people should be, but I believe that we should be happy with the way that we are.
Personally I am happy with me, I know I'm not perfect, in actual fact far from it, but I don't see the need to have operations to make me happy. Similarly I do not believe and have never believed that money brings you happiness.
Yes, I do like to buy things and like most people I need money and sometimes I do want to have more money to buy some other menial thing. But money is just that, something I need, not something I live for.
I would never degrade myself, (for that is what I believe it is), by going after someone romantically, or as a friend, just because they have money or status. I honestly do not see what can be achieved by this.

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