July 31, 2005

Qualities that make a 'real' girl

Having just completed my first year at university and admittedly not having actually studied much in my course I feel that I have learnt more about myself and life in general, although I'm sure that there's a lot more to learn.

But this is something that I learnt half-way through the first term.

Apparently there are certain qualities that make you a 'real' girl and these qualities are:

1) Liking chocolate
2) Liking cheese
3) Liking wine
4) Liking the O.C
5) Liking Bridget Jones Diary
6) Having the ability to tell horror stories about men in general but mainly exes
7) Being able to bitch just about anybody

Ok I feel that this list in detailing what makes a 'real' girl is completely and utterly wrong, for I am a girl and don't believe myself to be able to bitch about anyone and know that I do not fill the first 6.

But I became very upset in the first term, and its been something that's been bugging me all year, (not constantly but at times), I was told that I was not a real girl as I didn't like Bridget Jones, The O.C, or chocolate. The other points in the list were made by observing girls around me.

Thing is now I realise that I was stupid to even let it bother me, for I know that I'm a 'real' girl, whatever that is supposed to mean. I know that I'm a girl, and like a girl and most people I have feelings.
But how does what you watch or what you like to eat determine if you're a real girl or not, this is something that I have not been able to work out and personally believe to be stupid.
We are all completely different and like different things.

Personally if being a real girl means that I have some kind of inate hatred towards men in general and enjoy making people feel miserable about themselves by bitching about them, well I'd rather not be a 'real' girl. I'm just me, plain old alice, with her stupid notions.

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  1. Herbert HOover

    Not liking the OC shows you have more than 3 brain cells to rub together

    31 Jul 2005, 13:23

  2. Eilish

    Good on you. I wasted my second year listening to people telling me that I was doing it all wrong. Apparantly if you don't want to sleep with every man in sight, single or otherwise, then you're not a real girl. According to them anyway. I'm sure I've been bitched about a lot and i certainly don't put as much effort into my appearance as a 'real girl' would but what the hell! I'd rather have five more minutes in bed. Carry on with your notions, they're not stupid.

    31 Jul 2005, 13:29

  3. I qualify on 1, 2, 5 and 7…

    31 Jul 2005, 22:55

  4. In addition reading that post again I agree with much of your subsequent reflection. While the first 'qualities' are seen, they are all rather superficial and pointless really. A real girl is not really definable as everyone is different. I know all the girls I know are different in some way and none of them are any less female. You raise a good point though.

    02 Aug 2005, 16:46

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